FIA Says Stay Away From Stepney

Nigel Stepney
In an statement released by the FIA, carried by Autosport, Nigel Stepney has been ruled out until 2009. According the to FIA they can do very little to Nigel but recommend that teams consider the collaboration with Nigel very seriously. As if Nigel needed any other detractors at this point.

“In its investigations of last year regarding the unauthorized use of intellectual property within Formula One, the FIA heard allegations that Mr Nigel Stepney, then employed by Ferrari, had passed confidential Ferrari information to an employee of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

“Mr Stepney has admitted this allegation and apologised to the FIA, though he disputes the seriousness and extent of his involvement.

“As Mr Stepney is not a licence-holder of the FIA, no formal action may be taken against him under the International Sporting Code (though the FIA is co-operating with the Italian police, who are investigating Mr. Stepney’s actions).

“As a matter of good order, the FIA recommends to its licensees that they do not professionally collaborate with Mr Stepney without conducting appropriate due diligence regarding his suitability for involvement in international motor sport.

“This recommendation stands until 1 July 2009.”

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