Formula 1 drivers to ask fans opinion

In all the excitement of talk of the re-introduction of refuelling, customer cars and the possibility of Michelin making a comeback there is a possibility that we may have missed what is the most important announcement this week.

It didn’t come from the F1 Strategy Group, but from the Grand Prix Drivers Association, and has been reported by the BBC here, F1 drivers are going to ask the fans opinion over the Monaco race weekend 20-24 May 2015.

Now if this is a survey like previous ones (do you want more overtaking?  yes/no – with DRS as the result) then I may be getting my hopes up for nothing.  But if they are asking for fans opinion, then I would encourage every FBC reader to give some thought to the changes they would like to see introduced.

This is after all the Journal of Motorsport Opinion, so where better to record your thoughts on the changes you would like to see.  This can either be in replies to the articles above, or by creating a Forum post where you can express your thoughts.  That way, when your favourite F1 driver tweets asking for your opinion, you can reply with a link to your well thought out and constructed thoughts, and not be limited to 140 characters.

We don’t all agree, but if we share our ideas and publicise them to the wider world at least our thoughts may be heard,  and some may even be taken forward.

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Paul KieferJr

I’m of the opinion that we need to free up the engine regs and get rid of those MGUs and need to slow down. After all, in it’s most basic terms, the engine process is supposed to be “intake-BOOM-exhaust (and recycling exhaust back to engine for more BOOM, which is a good thing), and that request the most energy efficient fuel in the world. So far, that’s oil and similar petroleum products, because that releases the most energy available for use. Further, if you think about injecting nitrous oxide to raise RPM and thus raise mechanical energy to make a… Read more »


Just remember there is a 250 word limit for the suvey. :)


Hi Peter, a marathon effort like that deserves some response. I agree with some of your points, not them all. Quick feedback on some of your 10 points and intro. 1) disagree, the series makes huge amounts of money, but invests only a small proportion into the teams. Most goes to CVC. 2) agree. 3) yeah, nah…..sort of agree a wee bit. Less self interest would be good, but it would require getting rid of CVC. Probably too hard. 4) disagree. In my view F1 is about leading edge technology. Unless the teams are entirely funded by the series, there… Read more »

Deon van der Merwe

I agree. I would also love to know which calculator sugested that money can be saved by


The survey is out
There is one free text box with a 250 word limit, so include the link you your thoughts on FBC.


My suggestions for the #F1 fan survey:
-Wider cars like the 1980’s or even 1993 to 1997
– Wider rear tires.
– Duel exhaust.
– Smaller front wing
– Lower and less rear wing.
– No fuel restriction.
– No restrictions on engine/power unit allocation to negate grid penalties.
– No grid penalties carry over from previous races.
– Return last corners to spain track.
– No fake computer generated advertising graphics on track scenery.

Tiffaney O'Dell

So, no passing.


Oh yeah i forgot add some “ground effect” so cars can follow each other in fast corners so they can draft and pass.


My mistake, the earlier survey was from Haymarket magazines. The GPDA survey is here:
At the moment their servers are too busy for me to complete it.

Ian Shaw

As a life long F1 fan I think it’s time to do away with the radio contact between driver and team. There is now so much information being passed that I wonder wether the pit team are driving the car rather than the overpaid driver himself!!
Let’s stick to pit boards, let the driver make the decisions, there is far too much ‘push this, turn that, speed up, slow down.
And if you really want to spice it up put a gear stick and clutch pedal back in the cars, that will sort the men from the boys !!


How about this as a controversial change to F1, drop races like Monaco which is an absolute bore fest. What’s the point in having a race where overtaking it is virtually impossible! Get rid of DRS and bring back permanently open wings to help drafting and hopefully overtaking. Please do not bring back refuelling, haven’t you learnt from last time when an entire garage went up in flames!? We also need to allow in season testing and developments. Just impose a block on teams copying each other’s designs, so it forces them to come up with something new. Don’t allow… Read more »