Podcast #421

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week including such nuggets as all-new 2017 regulation changes, F1 Strategy Group decisions, Williams F1’s ability to develop a car, Spice Girls, Haas F1 and more.

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I disagree with you guys about refueling it is not needed or exciting to watch, drivers races are comprimised by more variables to go wrong as in faulty rig parts stuck hoses ect…
FAKE pole positions when a driver qualifies on less fuel. I don’t see it returning.
Funny to here Grace complain about Scott Goodyears whiny voice when she gives Roseanne barr a run for her money,he is a boring comentator but not whiny.

Paul KieferJr

1. B.B.’s a mythical legend in the world of blues, a god amongst men. 2. Grace, I hate it when people say they hate something yet don’t offer anything to improve it, so before you go dissing something, could you at least tell the viewing audience what it should be to make it better? 3. People in Formula 1 meeting over something and actually having an honest adult conversation. Yet another sign of the Apocalypse. 4. Tire choice makes perfect sense. I believe in freedom of choice. 5. You can start by taking off the unnecessary stuff from the car… Read more »

Meine Postma

Soo.. are you a manager?

Paul KieferJr

No, but I do work with a lot of them, up to the Director level, as an assistant chief steward for my union.

Junipero Mariano

I realized how the additional clutch could work. I’m guessing that clutch used to feather in the load during the race start is the same one used to shift gears. During a slow parade lap where you’re having to shift too much in traffic, or if you botch the launch you could fry the clutch, thus leading to a transmission failure. With a separate clutch that is only operated during a launch, it could cut down on gearbox failures. Am I one the right track?

Andreas Möller

Re the free choice of tyres – Midweek Motorsport had one of the best ideas on that subject. A few weeks in advance of each race, the teams select which two of the four compounds they want to use. The teams only get to know what the others have chosen on the race week thursday. That way, the teams gets to choose what works best for them, while the cost for Pirelli for production and transportation of the tyres will be roughly the same as now. If we were to give the teams completely free choice across the weekend, Pirelli… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

Tires and Refueling-Longer lasting tires would mean fewer pit stops. It has been accepted that pit stops are a vital part of race strategy. Could the reintroduction of refueling mean that the Strategy Group is considering using lower degradation tires? I read in the February issue of Racecar Engineering which detailed Nicolas Perrin’s design and approach for a Formula One car, but it was a design meant for selling to one of the teams or to be produced for drivers to get seat time in. Why not leave the production and selling of customer cars to third parties such as… Read more »


It’s not like Gene Haas is some motorsports savant. Haas CNC Racing was a going nowhere Sprint Cup team from 2003 till when Stewart got involved in 2009. There is a chance he is just worried about being able to start the car.
And………..I’ll just stop here.