Fresh doubt for USGP in Jersey? We’ve seen this act before

It’s now New Jersey’s time to get the famous Bernie Ecclestone slap about paying their sanctioning fees on time and public statements about their alleged late-payment status and even doubts on whether the grand prix will happen.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was quoted by ESPN as saying:

“I don’t know if it is going to happen,” Ecclestone told ESPN.

“I hope everything will be okay. They are sorting things out internally with some of their funds. If they are ready for 2013 we will have them.”

Ecclestone’s continued:  “We are waiting for different parts of the contract to be agreed.”

That’s Mr. E’s way of putting pressure on event organizers to pay the sanctioning fees for a race. Sky Sports carried the story and quoted a spokesman for the New Jersey Grand Pix organizers as saying:

“We don’t comment on our contractual relationship with Formula 1 or its details,” the spokesman said.

“We are on track for a June 2013 race, with all course engineering and construction progressing precisely on schedule, a strong management team in place, and strong ongoing support from New Jersey, New York City and the local communities involved.

“We are very confident the 2013 F1 Grand Prix of America will be a great event.”

There you have it, the old public humiliation trick to get people to pay. The good thing is that the New Jersey organizers are not alone. Austin faced the same public commentary about the doubts Ecclestone had for the grand prix and Silverstone faced it almost yearly with harsh words and criticism of the circuit. Just part of F1’s diplomacy tactics and negotiating skills.

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