Gutierrez: Haas F1 aiming for points

I’m willing to go to the wall and say that Haas F1 has a chance of scoring points in it’s debut season in Formula 1. I’m not alone as Mexican driver Esteban Gutierrez feels the same way:

“That is our target, from the beginning,” Gutierrez said. “We want to be there. Obviously, we want to be careful on our expectations. We’re working hard to be prepared with the best car possible, but we will not know until the first test (Feb. 22 in Barcelona).

“From the perspective of a being new team, (scoring points) is an ambitious challenge. But we’re here to compete. I think we have done things pretty well so far from team preparation and we want to target that.”

Is that too ambitious? Could the team shoot high and aim low? Or will it be an expectation that’s hard to live up to? Points equals cash and if you consider that HRT, Caterham and Marussia all failed to score points on any sort of consistent basis let alone their first season, then perhaps Haas F1 is aiming a little high.

On the other hand, they have a Ferrari engine and gearbox and a Dallara chassis so the possibilities could be greater than back of the pack. Then again, Manor will be sporting a new Mercedes engine and we know how fast that is. If they get their chassis sorted, they may not be easy to beat.

Scoring points puts Haas F1 in among Sauber, Toro Rosso, Force India, Renault and Manor. Are those teams beatable with a brand new team and chassis?

Hat Tip: USA Today

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For some reason, I actually feel optimistic for Haas. I predict they will score points, and far more than anyone thinks they may.
I just think Haas has planned and set up in a very smart way, and could well jump over a few of the struggling teams.. I mean he knows how to go racing, has money, is partners with Ferrari, not to mention he has picked up a very quick driver; he could be on far worse shape.


How often do completely new teams score points in their inaugural season in F1? Haas is a successful team owner and businessman and a straight shooter (saying he’s in it to promote Automation). I can’t see someone like him coming into the series and falling short. Manor had the same power plant he will have (but will have a Merc next year) and a few years of F1 experience and still didn’t score last season. McLaren got points because of some fortunate races and a good chassis. Haas will at least be positioned to snatch a few points. Prediction: Haas… Read more »


Actually Haas is getting the 2016 engine while Manor had to use the previous years which effectively becomes the Torro Rossi supply, so I think they will do more than 3 points. With extra races and some high attrition ones thrown in, I predict at least 20 points for the team thats only half what Sauber got this year and less than a third of what Lotus got and this time Grosjean will be able to drive on a full stomach!


That’s a good point. I’m shooting low and I think you’re shooting high. Maybe we’re both expecting 10 :)


I think they will score some points this year, but Gutierrez is going to get killed by his teammate. Romain is going to outscore him x2 is my prediction.