Haas is fine but Renault ‘would be ideal’ for Grosjean

You’re Frenchman in a team who is struggling financially and the threat of impounded cars, no catering and locked gates is starting to become a reality for you and your teammates. There are rumors that the team is on the auction block of chopping block depending on which new account you read. You’re concerned that all the years of struggling to get to Formula 1 could ultimately face the same end as the team if you don’t find another option soon. You sign with a newcomer who has Ferrari ties and hope that your move can lead to possible future glory in red.

Then, the unthinkable happens. The team you’re leaving is bought by Renault, a French car company with massive resources, and you can only remain positive about your new opportunity while knowing that your inclusion in the new Renault F1 team for 2016 and beyond would have been the perfect scenario.

You weren’t being impetuous, you were being prudent when you signed to drive for Haas F1 but if you had waited a month or so, you may have had the chance of a lifetime—to drive for a French team and be the French driver who could bring glory back to France’s motorsport adventures. If you had waited a month or so, you may have been sitting on the sidelines with the ruins of your F1 career sitting on the curb next to you as you both thumbed for a ride in WEC.

That’s how I see the fate of Romain Grosjean and while I really like the Frenchman, I often wonder just how much it nags at him to know if he had stayed, he would be the small torch on their Crème brûlée. Perfecting their operation with not only talent but nationality as well.

I appreciate how positive he has been in the press about his new future at Haas F1 but this article did remind me of how much, deep down, he must really desire to be at Renault:

“Enstone is a big chapter of my life,” Grosjean said.

“The people there are friends and family and I know every corner of the factory.

“Some years, I was even there for Christmas. When I lived in the UK, I went there on December 24 with my brother-in-law.

“It was hard to leave but we won’t be too far down the paddock.

“And who knows? Maybe in three or four years’ time, they produce a world championship winning car and they call me and say let’s win together.

“That would be ideal. As a Frenchman that would be huge.”

Gone are the comments about driving for Haas and getting the attention of Ferrari in the hopes of one day trying for a spot in Maranello. Now it’s a return home to the French team who he left and I believe we’d all be better for it if I’m honest. A season or two keeping the seat warm for an American driver at Haas and a return to Renault would be the best of both worlds.


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Paul KieferJr

Truth be told, he didn’t know how that was going to turn out, so he could only go with what he knew, and he knew that Haas wasn’t going to screw around, that they were going to need some help, and he jumped at the opportunity. I feel for him, really, but he’ll have an equal opportunity with his new guys. I wouldn’t close the door to Enstone, but, at the same time, I’d take advantage of what he has now and just make the most of it.


I think that’s fair but on the other hand Haas is a brand with pedigree in four wheel racing. It may turn out to have been a mistake however that will only be born out in time.


Its easy to understand the sentimental attachment to the Enstone family, and its hard not to feel bad for him and his situation. Truth is though, he’s probably better off where he is. Better chance of success and more glory from that success as well. Bringing a startup team to the front has to feel better than knowing you just happened to be in the seat when Monsieur Bigbucks showed up with his checkbook. Plus I’d always be looking at the door wondering if Pastor’s cousin was going to walk in with a check for 25 million and I’d be… Read more »


The return to Renault is highly likely for Grosjean. Grosjean has always been very close to Renault and it would be the perfect situations for both sides a fast french driver in a french team with big aims. But it all depends on if he gets the 2017 Ferrari drive or not, If he does not than a return to Renault in 2017 or 2018 is very likely just as Renault get into gear and organise everything.


There may been other considerations at play, such as whatever insider knowledge Grosjean might have had about Haas’ prospects for success versus Renault’s, from an engineering perspective. Or the resources to be employed by the teams, or commitment, or his own prospects for advancement and success within each respective team.

There are dozens of factors that might have been weighed. I’d imagine that prospective drivers sign NDAs as they are being courted by the various teams, and gain a certain amount of visibility into plans being made for 6, 12, and 24 months down the road.

Fred Talmadge

I don’t know if it’s legal or ethical, but if Renault really wanted him, maybe they would of talked to him in such a way as to have him stick around. Maybe even work out a 3-way deal with Haas.


Haas – “Grosjean is fine but Hamilton (or Vettel, or Rosberg, or fill in the blank) would have been ideal”.

Meine Postma

Alonso would be better for Renault.


Whatever,he works for Haas now,and that’s,that,if he shows good at Haas and gets a Ferrari ride,I am sure he would forget about renault


If I was haas,I would tell this guy if your heart is’nt in it,get lost,I need someone who want to drive for this team,not renault