Happy early birthday, Felipe baby

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Following my piece last week calling for Felipe Massa’s head, we have gotten proof that current F1 drivers do in fact read F1B, as the Brazilian appears to have gotten angry and turned that Greene hating red mist into a couple of well deserved points.

With his 9th place finish, Felipe now moves up in the Driver’s standings from the scoreless 18th position in which he sat following the third round to 17th, joint on two points with Daniel Ricciardo (15th), Nico Hulkenberg (16th) and Herr Schumacher (now relegated to 18th, no thanks to those scoundrels at Pirelli). Surely the Scuderia must be beaming with pride.

But more importantly than these two points may be the fact that Felipe finished just seven seconds adrift of Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso. Being that close at the end of a race to a two time WDC, not to mention the one driver that many consider the class of the field, is quite a bit of redemption in my book. And with said field as tightly bunched as it has been this season, it should be no surprise that Massa was less than ten seconds back from Rosberg, who finished in 5th.

Now unlike Todd, who genuinely dislikes Lewis Hamilton (that’s a genuine joke, too, btw), I really do like Felipe Massa. In fact, based on Sunday’s performance in Bahrain, I am going to send him this retraction of last week’s piece as an early birthday present. Sharing the same birthday as my soon-to-be five-year old son, Alex, Felipe will be turning thirty-one on Wednesday of this week and I wish him the happiest of days and, just as long as he keeps his performance up to a level that meets my standards, a full 2012 season with Scuderia Ferrari. Good luck and happy early birthday from all of us at Formula1Blog, Felipe!


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