Honda F1 Making News

Two stories this week from the Honda F1 camp. First, honda will make one major revision to this years car mid-year and then focus all their attention on next years car. Obviously the current car was not designed under the purview of Mr. Brawn and next years should see the Brawn-magic start to take hold. Honestly it’s probably not good news for Honda fans this year but understandable as honda would be throwing money at a car which is seriously lacking in any real potential to battle for top positions. Equally, with the sale of Super Aguri, Honda will not have a money vacuum sucking their resources into a team that, like this years Honda car, has no chance of battling top positions.

Also this week, honda announced the signing of 16 year-old British Karting Champ Will Stevens. In what amounts to a driver development program reaching far down into local karting and motorsport programs, the Honda team are excited to sign Stevens and attempt to develop a home-grown British driver with title potential. That sounds strangely familiar. Hmmm…Lewis! That’s it. Well that project has worked out very well for McLaren so far so let’s hope Honda has similar success.

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