Indycar: Derrick Walker Resigns

Derrick Walker with President of Hulman & Company, Mark Miles.

INDYCAR have just announced that President of Competition & Operations, Derrick Walker will leave the company, effective August 31st 2015. A search for his replacement is underway.

The full statement from INDYCAR

Mark Miles, CEO, Hulman & Company, announced that Derrick Walker, President of Competition & Operations, INDYCAR, has decided to leave the company effective Aug. 31, 2015, in order to pursue other professional opportunities. A search for his replacement is under way.

Walker has made several important contributions that advanced INDYCAR as a sanctioning body. During his tenure, he greatly assisted in securing Boston as a new event on the 2016 schedule, successfully introduced the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis in 2014, spearheaded additional investment to improve technology in Race Control and led innovation of the new Indy car aero kits. His focus on continuous safety advancement resulted in changes to the Indy car underwing, making the cars more stable and strengthening sidepods, further protecting drivers.

“We have benefited from Derrick’s extensive racing experience, his tireless effort and his passion for INDYCAR, and he will be missed,” said Miles. “We appreciate the thoughtful way Derrick has planned his transition and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Commented Walker, “I have appreciated the opportunity to work closely with the team owners, drivers and the team at INDYCAR. After two and a half racing seasons, I believe the timing is right to move on to other opportunities.”


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Negative Camber

Oh boy. :(

The International

Well if I don’t get the Top Gear job, maybe i’ll apply there!
Derek has been a big asset to Indycars over the years, hopefully he’s off to IMSA

Negative Camber

Just not sure how many blows this series can take.

Tom Firth

It’s ok, if Top Gear gets axed again, I’m sure the indycar job will be available again in two years, and four, and six…

Negative Camber

Would love to see some replacement candidates that are passionate about growing the series and all-in so to speak.

Tom Firth

We had that with Walker, and he’s gone, whilst Miles stays in ultimate control. Where does indycar go from here, other than the one option which is left.

Sell the series, and let someone else try and build an American single seater series. The roundabout of leaders isn’t working.

Tom Firth

Problem being, what exactly is anyone buying, a name and thats about it?

Tom Firth

Hope he finds sponsors for his IMSA race team now as well, with Falken leaving.