Indycar: Is Randy fired or not?

The news from Indy this week has centered around the notion that Randy Bernard has been fired from his role as boss of the Indycar series. However, there are conflicting reports in the press about the actual situation. So much so that SPEED’s Robin Miller is pissed off and to be honest, I don’t blame him. An official statement from the Doug Boles of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway said:

“Randy has not been terminated and his employment status is the same as it was last week and last month,” said Boles. “At this point, Randy is not fired. That is the case in the moment and in the future.”

As Miller points out, this is quite and endorsement. Go check Robin’s rant here and then let’s discuss it.

Here is what I do know…my interactions with Randy have been nothing but top shelf. He has proven to be a delightful guy to me and F1B and I couldn’t be more grateful for his kind emails. I am certainly not working behind closed doors at IMS or Indycar but some suggest Tony George is back in the mix and that these rumors and possible termination are his work. Ther eis nothing I have that is concrete on that matter but just some insider grumbling. Suffice to say, I’ve had interaction with the current Indycar team and found them to be delightful people. I’ve not worked with the IMS or Tony so I cannot comment on that but I know the moves at the board level seem draconian at times.

What do you think? Is this rumor mongering or is there a move coming?

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