Justin Wilson in coma after suffering severe head injury

31 August-2 September, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland USA Justin Wilson (18) (c)2012, Kevin York LAT Photo USA

Racing fans are holding out hope and remaining vigilant with prayers and well-wishes for Indycar driver Justin Wilson. The former Formula 1 driver and Andretti Autosport driver was hit by flying debris from a crash ahead of him on track suffering a head injury.

Wilson remain in a coma and in critical condition as fans wait for further updates from Indycar and the Wilson family. Regardless of what series drivers race in, the outpouring of support has been tremendous across NASCAR, F1 and Indycar. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart marshaled his private plane to fly Wilson’s family to Pennsylvania after the accident at the Pocono ABC 500.

I’ve had the honor of meeting Justin and I can say that the overwhelming majority of tweets from his peers about the “nicest guy in the paddock” certainly ring true.

Justin is a 7-time winner in Indycar and started his career back in 2004 after leaving Formula 1. Our deepest hope is that he can recover and his current situation is weighing heavy on the heels of the Jules Bianchi tragedy earlier this season.

From all of us at FBC:


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Sad news, heres hoping for a speedy recovery.

I think it’s time to rekindle the closed cockpit discussion. Heritage or not we cannot let people keep getting killed and injured due to some nostalgic fondness for the days of yore.

Paul KieferJr

How ’bout a compromise? You can always put up a windshield that’s kind of a hybrid between car an motorcycle.


My question is would having a canopy make the racing better or worse? I firmly believe that it would make no difference what so ever to the quality of the racing but it may just save a life. To me that is worth it.


This conversation needs to happen, but let’s have it a bit later. I’m too gutted right now to discuss it rationally, although I have been thinking about this specific topic for a long while. I just saw Justin not but a couple weeks ago at MidOhio. …at times I hate this sport. I’ll have a fulsome op-ed on this topic later and we can have the discussion and debate then.


Yeah my timing wasn’t good. I had posted before I knew he had passed.

Tom Firth

We are a motor-racing family, moments like this remind us of that. My thoughts are completely with Justin Wilson and his family, and I hope he recovers soon.


Rest in peace Justin.

Tom Firth

Rest in peace Justin. Fantastic driver, great person. A Yorkshireman taken too early. Godspeed. We will not forget.


Man, this is tragic news. RIP JW


Just heard the news about Justin and it’s incredibly sad. Sending love and condolences to all his family and friends. Rest in peace.

Negative Camber

Gutted. Just a tragic, tragic event. He will be dearly missed.