Kanaan responds to Hamilton Indycar criticism

You may recall our mentioning the comment that Lewis Hamilton had regarding Fernando Alonso’s qualifying performance for the Indy 500:

I took a look at the qualifying results. Fernando, in his first qualifying, came fifth. Does that say something about (the level) of Indy Car? Great drivers, if they can’t succeed in Formula One, look for titles in other races, but to see him come fifth against drivers who do this all year round is…interesting.

Lewis’s comment not only marginalized Alonso’s performance—he went on the have a brilliant race and led 27 laps before his engine broke—but he also insulted the entire Indycar grid.

It’s often been said that every sport needs its villain and in the case of Lewis Hamilton fans, that has been Vettel, Rosberg and even Alonso. To be honest, it’s comments like these that have me wondering if Lewis isn’t going from social media charmer and hero of the paddock to salacious bad guy. Once the scorn of Hamilton fans, Alonso endeared himself to millions of Americans…a role usually occupied by Hamilton.

If you’re an Indycar fan, then you’ll also know the love America has for Helio Castroneves as well as Tony Kanaan. The crowds went crazy when Helio took the lead last Sunday and any time TK is in the lead, they love it. The winner, Takuma Sato, also had a huge welcoming to the winner’s circle by American fans. However, it is TK who took issue with Hamilton’s comment and absolutely drop-kicked him in the process.

“What can I say,” Kanaan told Brazilian media outlet, GLOBO. “The guy (Hamilton) competed in a two-car world championship last year and was second, so I don’t think he can say much. It was a pleasure to have Fernando here. He is humble, not like some of his colleagues who were making comments this month.”


Hat Tip: Globo 

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#micdrop Brilliant and succinct commentary from TK, and right on the money. I’ve always been a fan of Hamilton, but he really stuck his foot in it this time.

Salvu Borg

“but he really stuck his foot in it this time”.
It was not his foot, it was his rear lower aft hot air leaking valve which leads to farts migrating to the brain and finding their way to atmosphere through his mouth.

Kelly O

In honor of Xorpheous:comment image


I’m sure Hamilton plays mind games with his breakfast when he wakes up every morning. A pathetic comment from Hamilton which just served to reveal the churlish, self obsessed person he is.


Well played Kanaan. I like you even more now.




Lewis is no villain, just an old fashioned tool.

Moderate Democratic

Yep……comment image


I remember these kinds of comments when Halo first released from a friend of mine who is a huge PlayStation fan. He could not look past his pride to even acknowledge Halo was a solid game.

Guy Fawkes

Hamilton is a victim of an old disease called “Believing your own press”.

Salvu Borg

at his very start at McLaren his “old disease” was called “foot-in-mouth” it had Symptoms similar to mad cows, as witnessed with his head banging with the cockpit sides recently.

Formerly Known As

It doesn’t matter what Hamilton says because we know you have “Lewis-in-head” disease. The guy lives in your head rent free. You obsession with 44 is legendary.


comment image


“The guy (Hamilton) competed in a two-car world championship last year and was second” – Bazinga! Great line by Kanaan.
I think that any of the top Indy drivers could have qualified the 2014 to 2016 Mercedes in the top 5 on anything but a street circuit. What does that say about F1?

Prakhar Mehrotra

Ham needs to focus on his own race rather than bad mouthing drivers in other series. Hes already 25 points behind and comments like these will not endear him to any fan base.
If he thinks indycar is so easy, he should do what Alonso did and go race the 500. He’s a fast driver but its disrespectful comments like these that make it hard for me to support him. I remember him saying something else similar when hulk won le mans.