Loss and lessons learned

The tragic death of Anthoine Hubert has placed focus on the Raidillon run-off area in recent days but according to Autosport, that run-off was slated for re-profiling already to accommodate the Spa 24 Motorcycle race it is due to host in 2022.

However, with the tragedy fresh in the minds of fans, drivers and the circuit owners, the run-off area re-profiling could be advanced forward.

Circuit boss, Nathalie Maillet, told Belgian press agency Belga: “The circuit has always worked with the FIA to improve safety.

“We have to await its report and analyze the exact causes of the accident.

“We are working towards a FIM Grade C license. We are still in discussion with the FIA and FIM about the homologation of the circuit and work is [already] planned on Raidillon for the Spa 24 Hours for bikes, which will take place in 2022.

“The runoff areas will be expanded and carefully designed to avoid frontal impacts.

“We’re not planning to modify the actual layout of Raidillon. But it’s certain that we will install gravel traps. The regulations for bikes are more strict.”

The FIA are investigating the incident the claimed the life of Hubert and if there is a safety element to be considered, learned or designed, they will certainly see it done. Regardless of Sir Jackie Stewarts comments about the FIA not listening, much of the safety he championed was instituted by the FIA and they do take safety seriously.

Even so, you can never replace what has been lost and the lives this loss has impacted.

A Personal Note

On a personal level, I received a call this morning that I didn’t want to get and would never have imagined getting. I lost my best friend. The friend I’ve known for 4 decades who was also the best man in my wedding.

Dave loved watching Formula 1 and we shared common memories that can only be shared by two people who have lived life together as best mates. He was a singular man of far better character than I and he had an overwhelming compassion for those he loved.

I can only imagine the heartbreak that Mrs. Hubert feels for the loss of a child which has to rank on the immeasurable list of pain and emotional destruction. The FIA would do well to apply any lessons learned for that reason alone so that perhaps another parent could be spared the grief.

What I have learned is that life is fragile. I cherish the time I had with my friend Dave and the laughter, music, joy, sorrow and all the other things we tend to call “life”. Just mere hours from his passing and I am numb but any of you who have lost a dear friend, sibling, parent or child will know the feeling.

I will be busy over the next few days, as you can imagine, and apologize for the lack of posts on the website in advance. I would like to dedicate this post about, loss and the lessons learned, to Dave and not use it to preach to you but merely suggest that we all take a moment and appreciate those we love and the time we have in their presence.

I would also like to dedicate this post to our dear friend Mike W. who had a tragic loss in his family this morning also. In times like these, if words could speak, they’d mean even less. There are rare occasions where words fail us and this is just such a time.

To Dave, I miss you.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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