Marbles: Getting ready for Australia

Editor’s Note~ Our latest edition of Marbles (our F1B reader stories) is from our very own Pear-shaped Pete from Australia.


Winter testing done, last minute fettling is the order of the day before packing containers for air-freighting to the far end of the earth. The opening race for the 2013 season is fast approaching. As I sit here in old Melbourne town awaiting our special guest arrivals, I thought I’d share a little bit of local flavour and happenings on the “last free weekend” before f1 takes over.

It has become a bit of a tradition in the pear-shaped family to head down to Phillip Island for this critical time in the motor racing cycle. It helps us prepare properly in a couple of ways. Whilst we can imagine Steve Matchett holed up in the snow in his winter European chalet, writing a book or envisaging a passive quadruple drs, our prep is perhaps more organic.  Wandering the beaches, doing a couple of laps of the “Original Track“  and spending time at The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for one of the finest historic motor racing weekends anywhere.

It always feels good to revisit the birth-place of the Australian Grand Prix. This nation’s first GP wss actually held on Phillip Island in 1928. It was not raced on the current moto-gp circuit, but on a few dirt roads making up a rectangle shape. Simple to be sure, but the elevation changes, loose gravel  surfaces and narrow tyres made the race a real challenge. Arthur Waite won in a Austin 7 special at the hair raising 56 mph.

This might sound a bit strange, but I think I’m safe enough to share this with fellow f1 bloggers – I have a thing for corner names –(there I’ve said it). A rather strange fancy to be sure, but I can’t help it. Given there were only 4 corners , 4 mightily appropriate names were chosen. “Young and Jackson’s Corner” (sponsored by the largest hotel in Melbourne), “Heaven Corner”, “Hell Corner” and the slightly mysterious “Gentle Annie Corner” (apparently a very sweet lady had a house near the turn).   Australia summed up quite neatly perhaps.

Our preferred entrée for the GP is the “Phillip Island Classic” historic event run on the Grand Prix Circuit (as seen in Moto-GP) the week prior. This is an outstanding event, combining local and international racing cars tackling the majestic circuit. The last few years my brothers and I have tackled the Historic Touring car races at this event, but seeing as how the one and only engine is in far too many “un-conforming” (err…broken) pieces  this year we get to spectate and soak up the awesome machinery. There are normally a few F1 cars involved and in previous years F5000/Formula A have had top billing. But this year’s featured event is for Can Am and Le Mans Cars. I Have included the entry list to show what we’re salivating over…

Can’t wait to see and more particularly hear the Matras. I may not be recovered fully by Albert Park…

Us …………

Pear Pete 1

and Them..

pear pete 2

International Sportscar Challenge Event 5 – 6 laps ~ Event 17 – 6 laps


Driver                                           State                                              Year          Car                                                Capacity   Colour


1 Lilo Zicron                                 Toluca Lake Historics USA        1985          Lola T160 Spyder                         7070          White

2 Frank Lyons                              Frank Lyons Racing UK              1969          Lola T70 Coupe                            5700          Red/Yellow

5 Abba Kogan                               Omnium Ventures SA  UK          1974         Matra Simca MS 670B/C          2999          Blue

7 Peter Schleifer                          AHG SChleifer GER 1972          Lola          Chevrolet T310                             8700          White/Red

8 Andrew Newall                         JCB Excavators UK                    1971          McLaren M8F                                 8800          Yellow

10 Rob Hall                                  Omnium Ventures SA  UK          1974          Matra Simca MS 670B/C          2999          Blue

16 Dan Cowdrey                          Cowdrey Racing  USA                1966          Lola T70 Spyder                           5702          Blue

17 A C D’Augustine                     D’ Augustine Racing USA           1965          Genie Mk 10                                   5700          Yellow

20  Greg Mitchell                         Scott Drnek USA                         1968          Lola T 163                                        6000          Red

22 Scott Drnek                             Virtuoso Performance USA        1974          StiNg                                              9000          Blue

23 Bert Skidmore                         Toluca Lake Historics  USA       1968          Mclaren M6 B                             5700          Red

25 Norm Cowdrey                       Cowdrey Racing USA                 1967          McKee MK 10                                6718          Blue

26  Spencer Martin                      Jeff Dutton  AUS                          1966          Ford GT 40                                   5375          Red

27 Michael Lyons                         Frank Lyons Racing UK              1973          March 717                                    8800          Blue

28 Harry Read                             GER                                              1970          McLaren M8C                                   8800          Orange

30 Ian Clements                           NZ                                                 1974          Lola T332C CAN AM                      5000

33 Tba                                           Nastasi Racing  USA                  1967          Alfa Romeo T33/2                        1995          Red

41  Barry Blackmore Toluca Lake Historics  USA       1969          Lola T163 Spyder                                       7095          Red

48 Andy Boone                             USA                                              1968          McLEagle                                     7540          Blue

91  John Bladon                            UK                                                 1966          McLaren M1B                              5997          Black

92 Joe Nastasi                             Nastasi Racing  USA                  1975          Alfa Romeo T33SC12                 2993          Red

96Paul Halford                             NZ                                                 1965          McLaren M1B                              5300          Aluminium



M Sports   Over 3000cc

24 Ian Ross                                  NSW                                                   1969          MRC Repco Brabham                6500          White

31  Luke Warwick                        Max Warwick Vic                        1965          McLaren M1A                              4700          Silver


O Sports   Over 3000cc

4 Bill Hemming                            Elfin Heritage Centre Vic        1966          Elfin 400                                        4400          Orange

6 Aaron Lewis                              Rover Coaches NSW                 1969          Lola T163                                      8300          Blue

56 Peter Brennan                         The DYnoroom Vic                  1966          Elfin Traco Chev                          4998          Blue

65 Laurie Bennett                         Aus                                                1966          McLaren M1B                              5727          Blue


Q Sports  2001-3000cc

11  Michael Gibson                      Design Features Vic  1972          Rennmax BN6 01                        3000          White/Red



9 Robert Tweedie                        NSW                                             1974          Elfin MS7 Repco                          4998          Red/White


Over 5000cc

29 Duncan MacKellar                  QLD                                             1971          McLaren M8E                              8100          Yellow


R Sports


3  Phil Verwoert                           Vic                                                 72/82         Graduate M8F                              5000          Orange

12 Russel Kempnich QLD                                                                  1984          Porsche 956C                              2800T        Blue/White

14  Wayne Park                           Peter Harburg QLD                     1982          Lola 610                                        2850T        White/Blue

18 Peter Harburg                         QLD                                              1988          Porsche 962                                 2956T        White/Blue

19 Jay Bondini                             Aus                                                1987          Argo JM19C                                 3900          Red/White/Blue

21  TBA                                         Porsche Australia Vic                  1981          Porsche 936                                 3000          White

36  Chris Hones                           NSW                                             1984          JWS GpC                                         5000          Blue

79  Rusty French                         Skye Sands Vic                            1979          Porsche 935 K3                            3162          Black

83 Trevor Lambert                       SA                                                 1969          Elfin ME5                                      5000          Black/Red

Over 5000cc

15  Larry Perkins                         Hal Design & Adaps Vic              1985          De Tomaso Pantera                    5995         White


Can’t wait.       Anyway how are others spending their “last free weekend”?



pear-shaped pete


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