Mark Webber: How to drive through esses

A fun video from Red Bull featuring Mark Webber on how to drive through esses on a race track. He has some seriously nice kit to do it with too so there is that element.

Okay Paul, how did he do?

Hat Tip: Red Bull Racing

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I prefer the WRC way..take half corners in the air or on 3 wheels. Kubica BTW.

Tom Firth

Hall bends! Amazing place to watch bike racing at Cadwell Park, you can get very close to the track.


That’s funny, it looks like almost every track used in the 1976 F1 season….

According to Rush anyway.

Tom Firth

Yes… and also because Crystal Palace never had any esses…


Love how he uses those “grippy” wet painted kerbs to do his setup for the exit. Lol. At least he’s gotten his wheels straight for the last two corners.

That’s why he’s a pro driver and I am not.


That’s interesting as far as it goes, taking kerbs, threading needles, maintaining momentum – fair enough, but what about the throttle, brake and gears? You can see that he’s braking into the left hander, but do you try to keep an even throttle opening? Get off and on the throttle hard?
What else is important if you want to be quick?


I agree, I was expecting a lot more from him. When the vid was over I felt like, well…and…?