Marussia inks deal with Ecclestone

Marussia announced that it has finally signed a deal with Bernie Ecclestone as the remaining to do so. The Formula 1 boss has signed deals with each team and he also has a signed deal with the FIA. How that will all play into one document known as the Concorde Agreement is yet to be seen but perhaps the bi-lateral agreements between everyone actually does constitute once big Concorde agreement in theory.

Perhaps the verbiage is arranged as to be complimentary to the agreement Ecclestone has with the FIA and all parties can sign one conclusive document. Either way, it is not clear on how the teams are signatory to the FIA or vice versa.

It has taken several months to get the Marussia deal signed but team boss Graeme Lowdon said:

“It has taken a long time but there’s not a lot of point dwelling on that. The main thing is that agreement has been reached and that allows us to move forward,” the Englishman said.

“I think as well it also changes how the team’s perceived externally. We kind of were in a position where we were the only team that hadn’t signed and now every team has signed individual agreements.

“It’s less relief, it’s more just a case of drawing a line under that and moving forward.”

It’s good news for Marussia and one has to think it improves their posture as a entity to be invested in from a sponsors standpoint. They will face a 2014 with a new engine package from Ferrari and if they can get their chassis sorted, it could be better times for the small team at the back of the grid.

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