Max Mosley, Sex Scandal and the Presidency

Max Mosley
With allegations of a sex scandal implicating Max Mosley surfacing from News of the World, I have been reading comments on forums, news sites and even Formula 1 Blog.Com. What I have seen so far is interesting.

We must remember that Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, Jewish, is a very close friend of Max as so too is Jean Todt, the son of a holocaust survivor. It would be hard for me to make any grand statement of Max’s racial position as he has spoken harshly about it regarding Lewis Hamilton’s episode in Spain this winter and many of his close friends and confidants are Jewish. What happens in the minds erotic center is beyond description for many and the imagery, fear, pleasure and pain are all linked to our inner self. In some, it is a dark road best not traveled and at worst it can take lives when it bubbles to surface of the mentally deranged. What concerns me more, if these allegations are true, is the lack of moral and ethical judgment on Max’s part.

Many of the comments, from Messrs. Ecclestone, Moss and numerous forums and blogs has been something along the lines of this post I found on another site:

Good for him. Hope he enjoys himself. We all do a little roleplay[SIC] now and then.
I hate how this all gets blown out of proportion and the media’s all over it. Let the man have his fun.


What happens in a man’s bedroom is his business and doesn’t effect the running of the FIA or his ability to do so.

FOLKS! Seriously. If these allegations are true and not some April fools joke gone too far; how can we say that it is his personal business and shouldn’t be of any concern? It is not private business now that it is public and please remember that this isn’t some guy having odd interludes; he is married folks.

If it were any Joe, I would say it is not that big of a deal but we should hold our leaders to a higher standard; especially leaders who sit in seats of judgment. The wisdom to judge is crucial and I personally think this is a real serious lack of judgment on the part of Max (if the story is true) and he should resign.

I hate it as much as the next guy because I think Max has done a decent job, all things given. I understand that a persons sex life is not anyone’s business but it has been made our business now and you cannot marginalize the oddity of it’s content that gives one reason for pause. Paris Hilton had a sex scandal video of her engaged in intercourse but it did not include Nazi themes, torture and compromising positions. Mr. Spitzer is coming off of a sex scandal that cost him his job; he sits in a seat of authority and judgment.

Perhaps Martin Brundle and I are on the same page. I happen to agree with him and there have been sources (I use that term loosely as it was used loosely on other sites) that have said the FIA is planning a vote of no confidence. As for me, Grace put it best–the damage is done. Max should think of the sport and realize that this lapse of reason will be seen as a possibility of there being a lapse in his judgment and governing over F1. I am a bit surprised that many on the forums think it’s no big deal but perhaps that is a sign of our cultural temperature nowadays.

“It’s not appropriate behaviour for the head of any global body such as the FIA.” ~ Martin Brundle. I agree Martin.

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