Tragically Max, after being denounced by BMW and Mercedes in a joint statement released Thursday effectively calling for Max’s ousting as President, told Reuters that he was upset they did not contact him before issuing the statement. He then says:

Given the history of BMW and Mercedes Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War

, I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications.

“Unfortunately, they did not contact me before putting out their statement to ask whether the content was in fact true.

This is nonsensical and completely out of line for the President of the FIA! Max has not apologized for his actions, he has apologized that people were offended by them. He has not taken responsibility and now has insulted two of the largest participants in the sport the FIA governs. The last I checked, BMW and Mercedes were not in a room with hookers playing Nazi sex games and to implicate them as being involved int he Nazi war mach8ine is just reprehensible. The FIA should immediately dismiss Max and move to replace him for the continuity of the sport.

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Given Max’s family history, he is not one who should be casting mud at BMW and Mercedes’ past.


Historically speaking, BMW and Mercedes were players in the Third Reich, but that was over 60 years ago. Current management cannot be held responsible for the deeds of other men, no matter how great their involvment in the Nazi Party. Max is panicking and trying to re-direct the spotlight. Would an innocent man say such a thing as a way to exonerate himself?

(I felt a disturbance in the F(1)orce when this story broke. I’m pretty sure it was Ron Dennis’ anus unclenching.)

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

I was willing to give max the benefit of the doubt about his private life despite it being disgusting. I was willing to let it slide even though I don’t care much for him in general. BUT! Trying to pass the blame to other people for sins that are beyond their control and before their time is complete_______ (this is a family show). Lots of bad things happened back then and a lot of companies were involved, but they have moved beyond it, and trying to pull them down just because your ship is sinking is such a cowards move.… Read more »


Ron Dennis has got to be enjoying all this MaxGate, HookerGate, NGate…now we can see how well old Max does under the microscope

Who’s a Half Wit Now Max??????????????????


That statement from Max and its indication I find totally disgraceful and if there was any doubt amongst the members of the FIA or F1 community (including fans) then its just evaporated.

Why not go the full distance Max? Throw in a comment about Japan and WWII, then you’ve managed to insult most of the field except Force India.

The man is now a liability and needs to go, pronto.