Max: Racism In China GP 2007

Max Mosley
Apparently Max Mosley was told by Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton’s manager and father, that Lewis endured appalling racist remarks in last years Chinese Grand Prix by none other than Spanish fans. According the the Sunday Times.

Color me reactionary but I am not sure, given the FIA’s position on the issue, that flaming the fan of racism by the Spanish fans or Anthony Hamilton does much good. At the risk of sounding like I am sweeping htis under the carpet, I merely feel that a stern warning has been issued and the Spanish fans know the consequences of any more outbursts. If it happens, they could / would lose the Grands Prix they are currently slated to have. Let the process work. In my opinion Max really could have kept this news to himself and stood behind his warning instead of making Anthony appear to be taking another swipe at the Spanish fans. Anyone, be it British media, Lewis, Max or Anthony, who sets Lewis in direct opposition with an entire nation over a band of hooligans is doing Lewis an injustice. The young man doesn’t need the spectre of racism attached to him against a Nation for the rest of his career. Just saying…

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