Max’s List of Non-Stars

Max Mosley
In the “this is funny when taken out of context” file; Max said many people would be stars had it not been for Lewis Hamilton last year.

“There are a whole lot of people who would be superstars if it wasn’t for Lewis. (Sebastian) Vettel, for example, and I think (Sebastien) Bourdais will surprise some people this year – plus (Robert) Kubica, (Nico) Rosberg and (Adrian) Sutil.”

Hmmm. I actually think these guys are stars irrespective of Lewis or not but then again, I’m just having fun at Max’s expense; I do know what he is saying and it’s true but I really didn’t find Lewis’s performance so overshadowing that I didn’t recognize Nico, Adrian and others. I think these guys have done a terrific job and are stars in their own rights. They, after all, didn’t have the best car on the grid last year. I suggest Nico may have given Lewis a real run for his money had that been the case. All luck of the draw.

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