McLaren New Car Launch…We Changed Our Minds


So after announcing their 2008 driver line-up, McLaren said it would not have an official new car launch. A few weeks later, things have changed. Apparently after weathering the storm of malcontent and not having to have anyone’s head on a platter, they’ve decided to rear their branding head and make a show of it.

Um…Ok. Well, I guess a team can blow their own horn and have a new car launch and I, for one, think it’s a good idea to get back on track and pretend the whole espionage thing was years ago. this is the best way to get back to work as usual and will give Ron something to look forward to. He can work on his new car launch speech which will include words like terrific driver line-up, integrity and honor and all those big words Ron likes to ascribe to himself and his team.

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