Mind the eggshells, Lewis missed pole

Losing pole position in Germany happens to 21 drivers this year and did last year too. This year it was Lewis Hamilton who missed out on pole, narrowly, and that’s not always fun or easy to take when you are demanding of yourself in these situation so when the press asked Lewis about his glum responses post-qualifying, he offered this explanation:

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” Hamilton said. “It’s like when you guys write a shit story, you get pissed off about it. Or you make a mistake.

“I’m not down, firstly. I’ve got a race to win tomorrow. I express again, when any of you guys are pissed off about something, your own performance, you’re not happy.

“This is not an emotional game or anything like that. It’s just literally, today I was quickest – I brought it to qualifying, I was quickest, quickest, quickest, quickest, and I was easily quickest at the end, and I didn’t deliver myself.

“That’s something I have to handle and deal with, and that’s just how I deal with it.

“You know when you kind of kick yourself a little bit? That’s where I am. But there’s nothing I can do about the past, I’m moving forwards now, and tomorrow I can make a difference. And I will.”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this one. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here watching the adults race and the 18-year-old Max Verstappen who said we don’t defend on Sunday, we attack…and he qualified worse than Lewis…worse, worse, worse worse!

Hat Tip: Motorsport


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Dennis Tirch

What is up with you and Lewis, dude? That is a pretty mature response. He discusses blaming himself, talks about things in terms of common humanity, and expresses how he “didn’t deliver.” To be able to own your emotional response and even your self criticism is a sign of maturity. You jump all over this guy’s case when he has the slightest infraction of your sensibilities and give hugely wide berth to others like Rosberg or Kvyatt. I’m about done.

Chuck C

Just remember, you can’t spell Hockenheim without N-I-C-O.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means, either.


Great performances by Rosberg, Riciardo, Verstappen, Raikonnen, and even by Hamilton. Some of them also managed to keep their efforts in perspective.

On another topic, the Sky commentary kept mentioning this is Rosberg’s home GP, wasn’t that Monaco? (Along with 80% of the other drivers).
I think it is more like Mercedes home GP, and it looks like they have stepped their game up, a front row lock out! Thats a surprise, Go Merc ;-)

Negative Camber

Nationality home, I agree with that but definitely Merc’s home GP.

Tickled Pink

Looks like he’s been rummaging through his mum’s closet again.

Guy Fawkes

Why does Lewis dress like a colorblind Prince without the fashion sense?


He’s promoting designers. They just give him stuff to wear and he wears it. It’s what celebs do. If he doesn’t look good it’s not not him, it’s on the designer.

He doesn’t actually pick his own wardrobe…


So……you’re saying he’s not responsible for his ‘fashion performance’. There’s a theme emerging here ;-)

Guy Fawkes

Well, I was going to reply but that’s so good that

(steps back and applauds in appreciation)

Jack Flash (Australia)

Snap! Awesome.


Nice one Negative Camber. I think this is what’s called killing two birds with one stone. You’ve managed to feed the trolls and amused yourself with your favorite punching bag:Hamilton. You’ve been ranting about Hamilton’s dog whistling late but aren’t you doing exactly the same thing here, sir? We get it, the guy can’t dress. Can we move on and leave that to TMZ/his Twitter followers or some fashion media outlet, we’re here for motorsports.

Kevin F

Dam. I thought the jacket was cool, in a Prince purple rain kinda way.


I was thinking Game of Thrones for some reason.


I have to say, I agree. I follow a number of drivers, Hamilton being one of them, and lately this site has become a bit of a Hamilton hate-fest. Whether it’s from Todd with this click-bait anti Lewis article , or the anti Lewis rants that appear any time anyone even mentions his name in a comment. I am a long time listener, for over 5 years. I have won posts of the week, (as Julian), I have met Paul several times up at Sonoma, and I am thinking about leaving as I think the community is losing what it… Read more »

#F1 'o^°o-

There is nothing wrong with having a go at Lewis, he invites it.
When he loses he give the impression sulking child.
When he wins its over the top in your face.
Nico is very similar most of the top drivers are.


I read an article once by Anthony Hamilton going back to Lewis’s karting days. When he lost a race or didn’t do well his father said that, Lewis would not be anything on the order of being very depressed, but he definitely wasn’t a happy camper. I can understand why some fans may dislike Lewis, but let’s be clear there is something else also at work here, which brings out such anger, and hatred by some of his critics towards Hamilton.

Negative Camber

Oh now…come on. lighten up gunga din. Lewis is awesome and a big, big talent but as such, you get scrutinized really closely when you are F1’s king of social media. I call this stuff out when it happens and Lewis is, for many of the right reasons, the most public with his feelings and comments to the public. he’s also engaged in some mind games with Nico which we cover. I said it was odd for him to keep going on about the yellow flags but his own boss said it was in poor form to run to charlie,… Read more »

Negative Camber

Oh, and did you listen to 5 Live’s apology for being Lewis sycophants last week? It’s so over the top that even they are feeling sheepish about it. :) We just don’t do that here and to be fair, I haven’t done that for Alexander Rossi either even though he’s an American driver. Also, have you heard me raving about Haas F1? No. I took heat for suggesting they’d be mid-field runners after the Australian GP. I’ve been very forward with where my biases are. History of F1, Jimmy Clark, Nuvolari, Rindt, Schumacher and Ferrari. If you find me going… Read more »


Sorry Todd, we live in a world of absolutes these days. You are either a devout fanboy or an extreme hater. If you fall in the middle you are fair game for each side to attack.

p.s. I am sharpening my pitchfork and readying my torch if you decide to ever attack my sacred cow.


Sky is overly obsessive of their golden boy Hami. Hes always right and hes the best. When he isnt winning, they come up with excuses. This week its because their in Germany. Some more conspiracy theory coming from the Brits.


Rosberg was quickest in FP1, quickest in FP2 and quickest in FP3. While it is true that Hamilton was quickest in Q1, Q2 and after the first runs of Q3, Rosberg didn’t complete his first run in Q3 so it is an unfair comparison and in many was it is a disadvantage to be quickest in Q2, as these are the tyres used to start the race and need to be preserved as much as possible. A lot of time can be found from a driver’s self belief, which may explain why Hamilton is talking his own performances up. But… Read more »


I can’t believe no one can see how amazing that jacket is! L-Ham is the last true race driver. Ask yourself the following question: Is there any difference between Nico Rosberg and a computer?