Mosley Says ‘I’ve Done Nothing Wrong’

max mosley
In a bizarre statement regarding the Mosley sex scandal, Mr. Mosley has suggested he has staunch support from motoring clubs (he does not name names for this support) and also suggests he has done nothing wrong.

“In short, I think I have done nothing wrong and that the wrong was done by the newspaper. That is why I am suing them.

“I don’t think any of this should affect my work on motoring safety, the environment or the sport. I believe that 21st century adults do not worry about private sexual matters as long as they are legal and harmless. I shall put this view to the Assembly in due course.”

I am not only shocked at the hypocrisy that Max is displaying in this event but the positions taken on moral, ethical and legal justification for his actions, behavior and subsequent words against BMW, Mercedes and all others who have called Max to task on this affair. If this is not a sign of complete projection, denial and avoidance of accountability; then I don’t know what is. It has become a defense of nonsensical proportions for him to continue in his position and try to justify his actions. Conspiracy or not, you chose and you must be held accountable for your choice. 21st century adults, Max, should know how to be accountable for their actions.

IF I were a member of the American Club whom the FIA represents, I would call for your immediate resignation as you do not represent what this club stands for. Your inability to take responsibility for your actions and your lashing out at others instead of being a man of integrity, that you so trenchantly reminded Ron he needed to be last year, are of such base behavior that I can not imagine anyone club or team wanting you to remain in your position even though you think you can manage. Your entire FIA tenure is tainted/ruined and your job should be lost. That is the gravity of making the choices you made. The gravity of being a hypocrit in a seat of judgment.

Remember Max, the finger of blame usually turns upon itself.

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