Mutua Madrilena Moves Back To Renault

I find this commentary a bit odd as it explains within itself why Mutua Madrilena would leave McLaren.

Let’s think about this, Spain is their only market. Alonso was the reason they went to McLaren in the first place and staying with a national hero when your market is national only seems to make sense to me.

Grand seems bereft of the logic inasmuch as being concerned for Mutua Madrilena’s wordly image, they forgot (within a sentence or two) that it is not an international company seeking international markets or international approval / appeal. Their goal is to capitalize on a national hero for the Spanish market. McLaren hardly fits that bill. I’m just waiting for a racism tie-in on this story (tragically I might add). Their move makes all the sense in the world for me and I can’t imagine Mutua Madrilena remaining with McLaren for a one second longer. Why the back-handed commentary for a business decision that makes sense? I find that more odd than finds Mutua Madrilena’s move odd. Now that’s odd.

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