Patreon Q&A Event

We’re excited to host our first Patreon Q&A session for our “Race Engineer” and above level supporters. We’ll be hosting an audio Q&A session Google Hangout on Sunday January 29th at 4pm EST here in the US. That’s 9p UK time.

Our Race Engineer and above supporters, stay tuned for the link to join this monthly event.

My guest for this month’s event with be none other than Paul “The International” Charsley. You will join us on the call and we’ll discuss whatever you’d like to talk about including F1, Paul’s beer, Negative Camber’s penchant for Meximelts and more. You can even let us know what you’d like to see on our podcasts and tell us what you really think about wide tires or Grace’s cats. 

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I ordered a condenser mic off amazon. I’m ready to go!