Perez deserves F1 seat…just not our seat

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Sergio Perez (Checo) is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. The music is jerking to a halt and there are precious few chairs left…especially chairs next to people he’d want to sit with.

McLaren left their decision relatively late but when they finally made their 2014 driver lineup announcement, Perez was not on that list. It was Kevin Magnussen claiming the Mexican’s seat for next year. Perez now has the dubious task of trying to find a drive for 2014 and team boss Martin Whitmarsh said:

“I am trying to help him get a drive,” said Whitmarsh. “People say our decision was terribly late, but what I have said to him is to stand back from it a bit.

“I’ve told him the Ferrari seats have gone, the same with Mercedes, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, and in truth he wasn’t in the frame for any of those so he hasn’t lost a seat.

“At the time (of the decision) Williams had a seat, but that has now gone, but there is a Lotus seat, and one at Sauber, Force India, Caterham and Marussia.

“So there is no seat closed to him and we can have no accusations we made the decision too late. I have rung Force India and I have rung Lotus. They both do a good job and I have recommended him because he deserves to be in Formula One.”

Ouch! Thanks Martin. It seems Whitmarsh believe that Perez is really a good fit for the middle of the pack or lower and was never in contention for a top ride. That may be true but I doubt that’s how Sergio sees it.

The truth is, there are a few possibilities and Whitmarsh says he’s trying to help. Lotus, on the other hand, is still an enigma as far as who they will sign for 2014. Now the rumor has Pastor Maldonado in line for the seat and this could be because the Quantum Motorsport deal is not done and the team have ran out of options or time.

What do you think? Where would Perez fit in? Former McLaren man Jo Ramierz wasn’t too complimentary of Checo suggesting he’d not made the most of a golden, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was too immature. That the role of F1 driver went to his head. Whtever the case, Sergio is facing a stiff wind to save his Formula 1 career.


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