Podcast #37


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Red Bull, Williams and Renault launch 2008 cars
Nigel Stepney had no wrongdoing in spygate
Eddie Jordan speaks
Grace speaks too
POW, Fashio, Bravado and Maxy
It’s all here…24 hours late.

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Didn’t Lewis and McLaren extend Lewis’s contract part way through last season? NC, I’m agreeing with you… 2 year extensions is the way to go…. 2 Reanault drivers going at it, bashing each other with their trophies on the podium, what a sight!!! HEY, leave off my man Sullivan…. Grace & NC, I’ve looked through my loose change and I have just enough for your guys Super License want me to send it on to the FIA? I’m shocked that you guys haven’t mentioned Starz, who sponsored F2 car back in the day, as the kids say. My ears are… Read more »


Sometimes I wish I had hair extentions…don’t you Grace? Haven’t heard the podcast yet-heck mine isn’t even posted still (www.grandprixweekly.com). I’m going to have to fire the Producer.

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

WOW, anthony is just wonderful.

are hamsters better than squirrels now?

I wish the williams would leave the car how it is

piquet Sr’s mouth is about the size of the earth.

nigel is guilty in some way, i’m positive

I heart BMW

a honda win this year would surprise me

Will Fisi last the year? FEAR MOTIVATES!!!!

I want it all too. Where did that come from?

Todd this is 2008.

Ok last week I knew mars volta, but what the hell was that.

Great Job as usual.

Lucas S.


omg, april wine! you know, i actually think they may have opened for that styx show back in 81. and here’s something you might have seen on Friday Night Videos for those of us who didn’t have cable yet :)


Yes! Such good opinions about my posts. I think I’m great too. :) It’s great! People have a whole new respect for you when you tell them you were on a podcast. I think they assume you meant you were interviewed. Best no to disillusion them of course. But then when you when you them them you were a POW they start to worry about you. How do you post as a prisoner? I also have, what was it? Poochchange? Money for dog races? Dog food? It’s true i do have just about enough for dog food. This comment is… Read more »


I said –

“But then when you when you them them you were”

God! Only a man with genius fingers could have typed that!

Great Podcast by the way! Very much enjoyed. :)


What a scary place it is out here – I think I’ll go back to the forums!