Power Unit Use – Update before Canada

Once again the FIA have issued their report into the Power Unit components used during the season up until now.

Canada PU Use

With Monaco being such a easy circuit when it comes to Power Unit stress, very few new components were used during the race weekend. These were limited to new a Energy Store (ES) for five drivers: Räikkönen, the McLaren pair and the Sauber pair, and a new Control Electronics (CE) for four drivers (the Ferrari pair and the Sauber pair).

As Todd covered in his article, Canada is the most stressful circuit the circus has visited so far this season, so expect new components to be used this weekend. With Both Ferrari and Honda spending some of their in-season development tokens, then drivers using their Power Units will be getting some new components this weekend. Also the Renault drivers are the ones closest to getting grid penalties for using a fifth component.

The penalties are slightly different this year, as the penalty does not carry over until the following race. The relevant regulations are:

Sporting Regulations

16.3 a and b

16.3 c and d

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Will Irwin

The numbers for almost all the Mercedes engined cars are unbelievably good. Almost all ‘1’s – except for Hulkenberg who is at 2 on five out of six elements. Are his mechanics working blindfolded or something?

I know many wish it was not so (because of the one-team dominance at the front) but what the Merc PU people have done with this new formula is amazing. We are still only a quarter-way through the second season of this technology and the things are rock solid – and way ahead on performance.


Strictly by the number of races, Mercedes should have given all their drivers a second PU for Monaco (the sixth race of the year). However with it being such a low stress circuit and reliability not being an issue, they have saved the fresh PU for this race, where the demands are higher.


I heard on coverage of practice that Mercedes haven’t introduced any upgraded components at Montreal. Is that the same as not using any new components? – I.e. new parts to the ‘old’ spec


Mercedes, like Renault, haven’t used any of their tokens for in season development yet. I would be very surprised if they went through the weekend without using a second PU. Hulkenberg may be able to make his last for this race, to try and get back in step with the other Mercedes runners. Looking at the FIA report issued before the start of free practice, Mercedes, Williams and Lotus have unwrapped their second PUs for use this weekend (Hamilton doesn’t get a new CD as he has already used two). Also Ferrari have given their drivers anew ICE, while McLaren… Read more »


Thanks fof the update MIE. Things are looking pretty dire for renault p.u’s. Grid penalties are just going to compound the lack of performance (and drivability), though I recall towards the end of last season the teams got to the point when they had used all 5 of a component quite a few races before double-dhabi then managed to survive the season with very few penalties taken – I guess 6 races in is a bit early for Reanault and Honda to avoid picking up penalties. Is there any word on Red Bull or T.R looking for alternative suppliers for… Read more »


I think Red Bull and Toro Rosso have a contract with Renault until end 2016, so I haven’t heard of them looking around.
Manor would only pick up penalties if the new PU would take them over the four components for the season.


I guess the Renault powered teams must be feeling happy that they haven’t got a Honda contract, but otherwise will be feeling pretty glum about this season, and next!
Renault will need to use their tokens very effectively, hopefully Mario Illen can work some magic.


Button has needed a fifth MGU-H and TC after the problems yesterday. This would mean a fifteen place grid penalty, but as he is already starting from the pit lane after changing components between qualifying and the race,he cannot take the penalty. He will therefore need to take a drive through under article 16.3c
Verstappen will need ten seconds added go his first tyre stop (16.3b), for the remainder of the ten place grid penalty for his fifth ICE.