Prime & Option: the week in review; November 3

Sebastian Vettel won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by a considerable gap, and other F1 news this week. Unlike last week, there was racing, like the week before that, it was mostly about SebVet.

Sebastian Vettel Wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Celebrates with Donuts
Sebatian Vettel won the Abu Dhabi GP on the start, taking the lead from teammate and pole sitter Mark Webber. Nico Rosberg snatched up second around the outside, but would finish third as pit stops shook out the field. Romain Grosjean was the quiet fourth place finisher, through he did have to scrap his way through as one and two pit stop strategies put slower cars ahead throughout the race. Read the complete Grand Prix Redux to find out all the details.

Webber had been equally dominant at the end of Saturday’s qualifying sessions, with Vettel unable to touch his teammate’s time. Kimi Raikkonen was excluded from the proceedings after his Lotus failed a flex test, and would be out of the race in the first turn. See what the drivers had to say after the race, after qualifying, and after the practice sessions.

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