Prime & Option: the week in review; October 21

In yet another instance of off week, slow week, the Formula 1 news this week is a bit thin…and everything is again about 2014 or further in the future. Except, of course, the newly released photo of Nico Rosberg’s helmet thief.

Honda Releases Engine Sounds for 2015
Just as the headline implies, Honda released a video with the noise of the newly fired 2015 engine for McLaren. Go listen.

FIA Explains ERS for 2014
As KERS goes away for next season it has been replaced with a shorter and more efficient ERS system, at least based on acronym length. With the release of the technical regulations for next season comes a handy chart explaining how ERS will work.

Prodromou Will Not Get Early Release from Red Bull Contract
Current Red Bull aerodynamicist Peter Prodromou will be joining the McLaren team, but not before the end of his contract. As Christian Horner said, “the content of any contract obviously is confidential, but the duration of his contract runs for quite a while yet.” Martin Whitmarsh sounds resigned, “It is for Red Bull to discuss. It is not in my power.”

German GP Helmet Thief Put In Spotlight
Nico Rosberg has tweeted a picture taken from security video at the Nurburgring showing the man who stole his helmet from the Mercedes garage during the race weekend.

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