Prime & Option: the week in review, August 12

As the teams stay silent over the summer break, little news breaks in the F1 world. Still, the future beckons, and 2014 looms as large over head as it did last week. Plus, Ron Dennis is trolling eBay, and Luca di Montezemolo continues to say insulting things publicly.

All the News is About 2014
Though it appears F1 cares not a jot for the political situations and opinion of world powers on where it sets up the tents, locals in Bahrain are preparing to continue their protests against the government. Wednesday seems to be a focal point, with the government looking to keep international media out of the country on August 14. How the continued demonstrations and violence affect F1 remains to be seen.

In other news, Felipe Massa has admitted that he does not have a secure contract at Ferrari for next season.

Far more lackadaisically, Christian Horner says that Sebastian Vettel doesn’t mind who his teammate is in 2014 (Horner mentioned Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo but not Fernando Alonso in conjunction with the open Red Bull seat). Horner added, “he has not looked to influence the team in any way.”

Ron Dennis on eBay
Well, maybe not the internet auction site, but a British auction site has both Michael Schumacher’s 1991 Benetton F1 racing car and a set of two adult and two child gokarts purpose built by McLaren for the use of Ron Dennis and his family.

Di Montezemolo Offers His Opinions
as if the Ferrari president hasn’t already stirred the pot with his chastisement of Alonso, di Montezemolo is now calling out the FIA for not punishing Mercedes more strictly after its testing infraction with Pirelli. He also says that the current reliance on aerodynamics “is, in my opinion, a mistake and therefore needs changing,” continuing with thinly veiled contempt for Red Bull as “those who make drinks,” noting, “we [Ferrari] are not a sponsor, but we design and build cars of the very highest order.”

This week #F1Chat joins in on the summer break as Laura has sailed away to the mid-Atlantic. Get ready for her & #F1Chat’s return on August 19.

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