Race Report: Hamilton wins, Ricciardo ‘screwed’ in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton may have had a bad Monaco experience in 2015 and his 2016 season hasn’t been much better but if he was trying to officially place an opening bid on this year’s championship, he did it in fine fashion by winning the crown jewel of the Formula 1 calendar—the Monaco Grand Prix.

The wet race started behind the safety car for the first time in history and ran seven laps before unleashing the field on a slowly drying track. I said yesterday via Twitter that a wet race would be about the same as a dry race but a changing-conditions race would really be a welcome sight to many of the drivers like Jenson Button, Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso. As it turns out, that’s exactly what we got and it did add some drama to the day.

Perhaps the most notable elements was the brake heat issues that current championship leader Nico Rosberg was experiencing prompting a call from the team to let Lewis past him. In doing so, Lewis set about chasing Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. The key moment being a bungled pit stop for dry-weather tires when the Australian was called in but his tires were not ready. It effectively ended his bid for a win and handed the victory to Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo was completely deflated and said that in the last two weeks, he’s been “screwed”.


A big win for Lewis Hamilton and regardless of what you think of his short-cutting the chicane and blocking Ricciardo, the incident was reviewed and no action was taken. Lewis withstood the pressure, put his foot down and made his Ultra-Soft Pirelli’s las the majority of the race to make it his first win of the season and with his teammate being passed for 6th at the line on the final lap, his has closed the gap to just 24 points.

A big win for Force India’s Sergio Perez securing a podium position in 3rd place. While it was his teammate who had qualified so well, Sergio gained from a perfectly timed stop for tires and leapt ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and gave the team a terrific points haul.

It has to be a win for the self-proclaimed third-best chassis on the grid as McLaren secured a dual-points finish with Fernando Alonso in 5th and Jenson Button in 9th.

It may not feel like a win for Daniel Ricciardo but if you look at the long game, his 2nd place finish moves him into 3rd in the driver’s championship ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. He wanted the win and who can blame him but securing 3rd in the championship isn’t a bad thing at all.

A win for Justin Bieber who managed to finagle his way into Parc Fermé to get his mug on TV with Lewis Hamilton. Not sure who his PR is but they scored big there.


This category is going to be big for the Monaco GP and we’ll start with perhaps the largest fail for Red Bull who called Daniel Ricicardo in and did not have his tires ready. They had just serviced Max Verstappen and the team were anxious to cover Lewis Hamilton’s move but the team said it was a human mistake and they will investigate. The Red Bull certainly had the pace to win the race and had they made the stop like any other typical stop, they surely would have won.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen had a fail and while mistakes happen in mixed conditions, the 2007 world champ not only blew the hairpin and ended his race but he spoiled any chance Romain Grosjean had in getting a decent result by pinching him in and forcing him to stop while the rest of the field blew past him. This added to a challenging weekend for a team who felt they should have done much better in the principality.

A fail for Sauber’s Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson who clashed at Rascasse after the Brazilian was ordered to let the Swede past but he refused prompting Marcus to try to take matters into his own hands.

A fail for Daniil Kvyat who seems to be rapidly sinking to new lows since being demoted by the Red Bull empire. The Russian clouted Renault’s Kevin Magnussen in a highly dodgy move at Rascasse and at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t see out the balance of the season.

A fail for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who crashed into the Armco at Massenet which was his third crash of the weekend. The Plucky Teen is certainly trying to push the limits and with natural talent such as his, the team will do well to get him through the race craft stage of tempering his talent and finishing races.

Renault also had a fail with Jolyon Palmer suffering a crash on the front straight and Kevin Magnussen, despite being hit by Kvyat, also hit the wall and retired the car.


Clearly the WTH moment came for Red Bull who called Ricciardo in and had no tires ready. They had just serviced Verstappen but seemingly made a tactical error and that is simply something you wouldn’t expect for a team like Red Bull. Surely mistakes happen and no one feels worse about it than the team but a tough weekend for all involved.

For me, Nico Rosberg’s race was a complete WTH moment. He said he had no confidence early on, his pace was off and then he suffered a brake heat issue and fell to 7th. This isn’t the headstrong Rosberg we’ve seen so far this year and with Hamilton closing the gap to just 24 points, this championship is far from over if Nico is going to go into vapor lock mentally.

A WTH moment for Monaco after a huge piece of plastic fell directly onto main straight. WHAT? Good thing no driver got collected by that plastic at those speeds.

Also, a WTH moment for the FIA who nearly banned tear-offs in a rain race. Good thing calmer heads prevailed but it’s that kind of pragmatism over measured prudence that makes you wonder about the FIA’s other initiatives like HALO etc.

Monaco GP Results:

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes1h59m29.133s
2Daniel RicciardoRed Bull/Renault7.252s
3Sergio PerezForce India/Mercedes13.825s
4Sebastian VettelFerrari15.846s
5Fernando AlonsoMcLaren/Honda1m25.076s
6Nico HulkenbergForce India/Mercedes1m32.999s
7Nico RosbergMercedes1m33.290s
8Carlos SainzToro Rosso/Ferrari1 Lap
9Jenson ButtonMcLaren/Honda1 Lap
10Felipe MassaWilliams/Mercedes1 Lap
11Esteban GutierrezHaas/Ferrari1 Lap
12Valtteri BottasWilliams/Mercedes1 Lap
13Romain GrosjeanHaas/Ferrari2 Laps
14Pascal WehrleinManor/Mercedes2 Laps
15Rio HaryantoManor/Mercedes4 Laps
Marcus EricssonSauber/FerrariCollision
Felipe NasrSauber/FerrariCollision
Max VerstappenRed Bull/RenaultSpun off
Kevin MagnussenRenaultSpun off
Daniil KvyatToro Rosso/FerrariCollision
Kimi RaikkonenFerrariSpun off
Jolyon PalmerRenaultSpun off


1Nico Rosberg106
2Lewis Hamilton82
3Daniel Ricciardo66
4Kimi Raikkonen61
5Sebastian Vettel60
6Max Verstappen38
7Felipe Massa37
8Valtteri Bottas29
9Sergio Perez23
10Daniil Kvyat22
11Romain Grosjean22
12Fernando Alonso18
13Carlos Sainz16
14Nico Hulkenberg14
15Kevin Magnussen6
16Jenson Button5
17Stoffel Vandoorne1
18Esteban Gutierrez0
19Jolyon Palmer0
20Marcus Ericsson0
21Pascal Wehrlein0
22Felipe Nasr0
23Rio Haryanto0


3Red Bull/Renault112
5Force India/Mercedes37
6Toro Rosso/Ferrari30
Overall Race
race-report-hamilton-wins-ricciardo-screwed-in-monacoRegardless of the negativity, I always enjoy Monaco because the driver makes all the difference here. If you like the tech only, then maybe this isn't your race but if you are person complaining that the sport is too engineering-heavy, then you should love Monaco. The driver does make the difference.
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No mention of the Sauber in fighting?
Nasr not obeying team orders and Ericsson taking matters into his own hands.

Also Hulkenberg taking a place from Rosberg on the line.

Negative Camber

the Hulk move was nice, clearly Nico R. was struggling for sure. I was thinking I would save the Sauber debacle for the podcast. :)


Sauber did provide some much-needed comedy :)

James Hammond

haha, don’t f with the swede…


Is there space here for the Sauber drivers as well?


jiji the cat

In the 32 years I’ve been following the sport, this is the first time I genuinely felt pissed off. RBR really screwed badger boy. He was absolutely sublime the whole weekend.
That’s 2 races in a row they have stuffed it for him.


So, how long before Daniel looks elsewhere for a drive?

Negative Camber

CAn’t recall his current contract but I might be calling Ferrari about now.

jiji the cat

I wouldn’t be going anywhere just yet. But I would try to pen something another team for maybe 2018 onwards.
I think RBR might just be back on their way up.


From an interview Marko gave a month or so ago, Ricciardo is with RBR to the end of 2018, and has no Vettel-like escape clauses.


He would be mad to leave RBR at this stage.


What was more shocking was that Kyvat was ONE LAP DOWN when he collided with Magnussen. Kyvat apparently had a ‘stuck’ pit limiter at the start of the race and, under the safety car wet start, pitted once to replace his steering wheel, and then with the problem unresolved, came through the pit a second time but didn’t stop, having suddenly resolved the problem. I wonder if the problem in the first place for Kyvat’s stuck pit limiter wasn’t mechanical at all…

Negative Camber

I hadn’t read that it was a pit limiter. Interesting.


Kinda interesting about the radio of Daniel saving ‘save it’ to his team. We have heard the bitterness and questions/rants to teams in the past with most of the top drivers…i guess this kinda took me by surprise from Daniel. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand the anger and frustration…but saying to the cameras that ‘I” was screwed verses ‘we’ were screwed..might be a indicator that more has been going on at Red Bull than we know?


It looked to me like he’d decided enough was enough – he was going to call it how he sees it & tell some hard truths. After all, he’s driving like an absolute gun with an obvious drive to win & being held back (purposefully or otherwise) by his team. If RBR decides they don’t want him anymore, you can bet there’ll be a massive bidding war for his services – as long as he keeps it restrained & doesn’t lose his temper or publicly talk about conspiracy theories.

James Hammond

its hard when you’re 1 person, and as that one person, you do EVERYTHING right, and perform to best of your ability, and then you’re let down by others around you. so of course ‘he’ was screwed. what on earth did Daniel do to contribute to the mistake?


Thats two races in a row RBR’s decisions have hampered Daniel.

Hamilton’s “blocking” coming out of the tunnel was masterful.

Hamilton’s cutting of the chicane and subsequent push into the wall was a step too far, should have been penalised, advantages were gained. I believe if positions were reversed the outcome would be different.


Its worth noting that if Ric’s tyres were ready & he’d won this race, and if he’d been kept on the originally planned 2-stop at Spain and won there (which I know was not a given, but he was in the lead when his strat was changed & would have felt confident of the victory), he’d be on 86 points right now in 2nd place & only 20 behind Rosberg. And that’s not mentioning the puncture in China that cost him a podium, or the “torpedo” damage in Russia that also lost him a lot of points. Were it not… Read more »


Some interesting points. I try not to look at the would-have-should-have points. You could change the world if you do.

At least RIC got some solid points, and more than ROS this race. With the resurgence of Ferrari and RBR, Merc have their title chances written only on paper at this stage.


I think the saving grace from the Ricciardo incident is that he didn’t have to deal with Bieber calling him “dawg”.

James Hammond

these guys work for red bull…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SmyATAYsNs
slick work red bull! real slick…

Max Johnson

Minus one star because Bieber was there.

Herb Dressing

I guess there’s no “Dan” in Team.
Huge fan of Danny Ric, but does he realise the whole team came second, not just him? I’m not saying he should just launch into corporate doublespeak…..”yea we are just taking it one day at a time”….blah blah. But pouting on the Podium?? And we thought Vettel threw his toys out of the pram!


Maybe we should cut them all more slack & not scrutinize their post-race demeanor so closely. Every driver is racing to win – if they had a chance of winning & were robbed of it through circumstances out of their control, well I’d be disappointed if they were happy just to make the podium. It’d show they’re content to be 2nd best. Also I doubt anyone in Red Bull felt like celebrating, regardless of Daniel’s mood. They knew they’d stuffed up bigtime & cost their team a famous victory. I doubt there were any parties at Red Bull after that… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

Suffice it to say that there’s probably a lot of cussing going on behind the scenes at Red Bull, and I wouldn’t blame Ricciardo one bit. That was freakin’ “Keystone Cops” in those pits. :P

No...am serious

Wow. D. Kvyat is a punk b—– I can’t wait until I no longer have to endure his sorry unapologetic BS again. F1 drivers have no class anymore either. Ricc, Vettel…bunch of classless goons. What happened to the gentlemen driver…bunch of spoiled rich kids. Maybe the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills could do not next podium interviews. Bieber. JOHNNY WALKER BLACK *ZOOM* ZEPTER. Oh, yeah…and pretty sure Hamilton is doing A Bombs because he was tweaking on the podium. FOCUS! Looked like the Prince was about to smack some sense into Mr. I’m so dope.

Juho Kallio

Anyone else feel the ultra softs were a major letdown? The supposed qualifying tire that some teams reported would only last for three laps and was supposed to give more tactical intrigue to the race lasted for something like 50 laps and probably could have been driven even longer if the race had lasted. At one point I thought FI made a brilliant move putting Perez on mediums cause surely HAM and RIC would had to pit and this would hand them the lead. But apparently those things are made of adamantium cause there didn’t seem to be any kind… Read more »


Yes it seems there’s no longer any concept of a cliff with Pirelli tyres – they’re all made of adamantium. After Barcelona I knew better than to think Hamilton’s tyres would go off.


Great win for Lewis! Staying out on wets until it was time to fit slicks was a genius move, which really put him in the zone to fight for the win. I thought the podium interview was touching – Lewis really went out of his way to give props to Ricciardo. I do feel for Daniel – he’s an honest guy, and spoke his mind. I’m sure they will work it out, but it must be gutting to have done all that work (both in quali and so far in the race) and then lose it because the team isn’t… Read more »

Ian Finlay

Was staying out on wets really getting him closer to Daniel? I recall at one point during the broadcast (about the third time the crew had come out with tires and Lewis drove on by) one of the announcers (Matchet?) quoted Lewis as losing two seconds a lap. Now, I’m not about to start calculating the lap times versus gap, minus the pit lane delta and blundered stop. But I will say that we where all denied a ballsey comeback drive if it is true. I do agree with you thou, FOM’s fascination with finding the worse suited podium interviewer… Read more »


I’m not going to break out the abacus either, but I did a quick review of the laps in question. On lap 16, Hamilton was released from behind Rosberg, 14 seconds behind Ricciardo. On lap 23, Ricciardo pitted for inters with Hamilton still 11 seconds behind (and Rosberg 40 or so seconds behind the leader). So both of them could have pitted and gotten out ahead of Rosberg, of course. Hamilton chose to stay out, and Ricciardo came out 8 seconds behind him. On lap 28, Ricciardo had caught up to Hamilton, so one could say that the advantage he… Read more »


Interesting quote from Hamilton in the Autosport article about Rosberg letting him pass. “As he also said we kind of have an agreement, particularly when the team ask you to push and you are unable to and it’s hindering the team’s chance of winning. But I didn’t know [he did that] until I heard it here so I just said ‘Thanks for being a gentlemen’.” It is the “we kind of have an agreement” bit that I find interesting. Kind of in the way the Rosberg did what the team asked, but Hamilton may not? Rosberg admitted it was painful… Read more »

Max Johnson

Better, except he’ll remember this decision when Lewis wins the title before the year ends.

Ian Finlay

I’m probably wrong here; but I am starting to… well not ‘like’, but ‘respect’ the “Virtual Safety Car”. I look at this race and the couple of times the VSC was used (for less than a full lap even). Just enough to give corner workers a chance to run out and grab a piece of debris, and I’m starting to think ‘Hey this works’. If they had been full Safety Cars this could have been a disaster of a weekend.


I agree – it works quite well, now that both race control and the drivers seem comfortable with it. I personally would have preferred a simpler “max speed” system, but since F1 can’t seem to do anything that’s simple and tried elsewhere, they of course went for a system with delta times that need to be met at certain points on the circuit. Even so, it is a definite improvement over the safety car, since it largely maintains the relative distances between the cars.

Tom Firth

Good race, well as good as it gets at Monaco. It is what it is and it still amazes me even if it is in a very different way to why I enjoy F1 in general. Love the history too of course, a shame for Ricciardo but that’s racing sometimes, Lewis put in a good performance and congratulations to him. Sauber’s pair getting it together is just embarrassing for the team, added to the engine going earlier in the weekend, it pretty much summed up Saubers season in general and with great sadness the direction of the team, been towards… Read more »


So, the Daniel-attitiude thing brought up something I have always wondered about involving F1 drivers and their thinking. My day job (that pays for the wonderful opportunity to have NBCF1/and the increasingly annoying Indy car Scott Goodyear commentary piped into the home) involves video, graphics and motivating/understanding people, and Daniel has been an enigma to me. Seemingly happy-go-lucky, the Golden Retriever of pitlane, Daniel has always smiled and had a ‘don’t worry, be happy’ attitude. Yet i know that F1 drivers are like high-strung race horses, at least the best of the best are. They are reclusive, or out-spoken, esoteric… Read more »

Meine Postma

Nobody’s going to read this but it is not the first start behind a safety car.

I vaguely remember a time I believe in Spa, but there have to be others also.