Ron Dennis: ‘Mental Aftertaste’

For years now, I’ve been an advocate for a comprehensive autobiography from former McLaren owner Ron Dennis. I know many view Ron as the creator of what we all jokingly refer to as “RonSpeak” and it has been a point of levity for years. That unique characteristic of Ron’s has never jaded or clouded my respect for what he achieved in F1. I have always had time for Ron and while some find him a strong personality and difficult boss, I think there are two sides to this unique man.

I’ve called for an autobiography because there are few who have had the more access, failure and success in the world of Formula 1 than Ron Dennis. The relationships, challenges, scandals, and championships he has been the architect or victim of is quite staggering. The stories he could tell.

Paul sent me a link to a video that I am ashamed to admit I had never seen or heard about. For all of you who knew about this interview and have watched it and purged it out of the other side of your brain, I apologize for being woefully late to the party. This is something I certainly should have been aware of and feel as though I have let you down with a serious lack of research on my behalf. Apologies.

Ron, as he even says in this video, has never dwelled on the past. It has been a benchmark of his character and his drive to move forward and look to the next challenge has always been his pure focus. The thought of taking time out to dwell on the past is something that he has previously said he has little interest in. That is why I’ve been doubtful we’d ever see an autobiography.

This interview is as close as I have ever heard Ron come to sharing his life. He discusses  the companies he’s started, the challenges he’s faced and the people involved as well as  the thought processes he used to achieve what he has. I like long-form and this video is certainly that but I found it absolutely fascinating to watch nonetheless. There are incredible lessons to be learned, F1 history to be gleaned and wisdom to be shared.

In short, I left this video with a “mental aftertaste”. I thought you might enjoy this as much as I did.

Hat Tip: YouTube

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So sad that McClaren is where it is. I expect the management are wondering what they’ve done booting ol Ron out… Love him or loath him, he got results!


If anyone ever asks who my favorite person in F1 is, it has always been and will always be, Mark Weber. Ron Dennis is second.

I will likely watch this interview a few times before I can get all the good bits.

So many good one liners and tidbits of wisdom.