Rosberg says not thinking about losing title – good, now just drive faster

Of course Rosberg should not give up, all great drivers never give up and still see opportunity when others do not. While it is quite true that Lewis Hamilton is in a very strong position, any finish out of the points or a DNF due to another driver’s error or mechanical failure will radically change the outcome of the season. Looking back at how the season has gone for both Mercedes and Hamilton, this has to be a real consideration.

Think back to 2010 when Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber were the assumed contenders for the title but poor judgement in pit strategies from both Red Bull and Ferrari allowed Sebastian Vettel to claim the WDC that year. One could also point to 2012 when a first lap melee at the final race in Brazil almost ruined Vettel’s hopes of a fourth WDC .

Here is the lesson though, what helped Vettel both years was being focussed on the win regardless of every other possible outcome. That is exactly what Rosberg has to do no matter what happens to Hamilton in the final two races. It is time to dig deep. No more excuses about bad settings on the steering wheel or not finding your rhythm until ten laps after your main competitor has passed you. The time is now and the task is straightforward: Rosberg, you need to win out. The good news? It is well within your ability and your car’s capability to do so.

One point I have not mentioned is that it is not only Hamilton who might collect a DNF. The chances of this befalling Rosberg are just as likely. In fact, it is exactly because Rosberg is behind and will be looking for any and all opportunities to finish the race first that he might be more apt to make an error or take bigger risks than Hamilton. It is a tricky situation, Rosberg cannot afford to play it safe nor to be too risky. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He basically just has to be perfect and even then he needs Lady Luck to depart Hamilton’s side and come to his.

I would love it if some crazy unforeseen event makes the Abu Dhabi finale one for the record books, one to remember – similar to Brazil in 2008. I would like to see Hamilton take the championship (remember my post about Hamilton and his date with destiny?) but I also want to see the championship go down to last race, the last few laps even.

And if Lady Luck should so decide, I wouldn’t be unhappy to see Rosberg win the title this year. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have both driven masterfully this year. Each have had their share of bad luck this year and both have had to bounce back.

Now it is all about these last two meetings of the silver arrows. The constructor championship is out of the way and it is now just about two drivers, and the two have been so evenly matched throughout the season that all is still possible. Throw in the fact that anything and everything could and usually does happen in F1 when the championship goes down to the wire and we are probably in for a spectacular finish – at least that is what I am hoping for.

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