Sauber says no to dual DRS

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From a distance, Mercedes AMG Petronas seem to have innovated a performance-impacting dual DRS rear wing system that provides additional drag reduction during the deployment of the driver-activated system. While teams protested, the FIA approved the system and this has many Formula One fans wondering if other teams will now adopt their own versions of the dual DRS system.

Assessing the performance gains versus the cost of developing the system is a major issue. Mercedes boss Ross Brawn said the system is simple but if the chassis wasn’t designed around the innovation, it would be difficult to recreate or bolt on to an existing design.

Sauber’s Matt Morris said they’ve decided that the gains and costs associated is not something the team is willing to pursue telling AUTOSPORT:

“We have done some evaluation on it in the factory, but at the moment it’s not really working for us in terms of cost versus performance,” said the Chief Designer, Matt Morris.

“It doesn’t really stack up for us at the moment. And beyond the cost versus performance issue, it’s difficult to know exactly the potential benefits and then it’s only really useful in qualifying.

“It’s definitely a few tenths of a second in qualifying, but to get that [benefit] so many parts in the car would have to be changed. That’s the problem.”

Formula 1 fans will be watching closely to see if any of the remaining teams will arrive at the next grand prix in Spain with a dual DRS system. What is your guess?  Do you think any of the teams will adopt the Dual DRS system this year? IS the gain worth the pain?


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