Schumacher / Todt Spend McLaren Fine Money


Michael Schumacher

It an odd twist of fate, Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt will comprise of a 5-man group who oversee the spending of McLaren’s $60M fine.

being McLAren’s arch rivals for all those years has some sweet justice in the end when you get to spend Ron Dennis’ hard-earned cash for safety programs. I wonder if some of the money will be spent on the Racing Against Racism program? After spending a decade plus fighting against Ron’s McLaren team, they will form a panel that will decide the fate of the $60M fine over the next five years. As an ambassador for the FIA’s safety initiatives, i can almost understand Schumacher’s role but Jean Todt is the person who got this fine started and it seems a slap in the face fro Ron to know that Jean is fondling his cash. Red Jumpers for everyone!

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Don’t forget that Norbert Haug is also part of that team… that has to hurt, even just a little.


what a crazy year for ron and mclaren. but tables turn, people rise, people fall. not that anyone can predict it, but i’m sure there will come a time when the red horsies will fall from grace. $100M is a lot of money to distribute. let’s see where all of it really goes.

Negative Camber

I figure the red horse was suffering for 21 years so they are making hay now. :)