Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Often times you hear the phrase, “well, it goes without saying that we…blah, blah, blah”. Let me assure you that it most certainly does not go without saying around here.

From all of us at FBC to all of you who have sent messages of support, compassion, offers of help, donations, new Patreon accounts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails…It has been emotionally overwhelming and incredibly humbling. I feel like George Bailey at the old FBC Building and Loan! You may feel like Sean Bratches is the Henry F. Potter of the story but I tend to think he’s more the Clarence Odbody AS2 in this Wonderful Story. He probably likes a mulled wine, heavy on the cinnamon and light on the cloves for all I know.

The best gift I’ve received in a long time has been your support, your patronage and your kind donations. My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said nothing, I got all I wanted from the FBC community. I meant that, you all are the very best.

Given the need to change in 2018 and the desire to improve what we do, I’ve spent some time reading reviews of F1 podcasts/websites and I know there are other terrific casts out there and if we make it on anyone’s radar, it’s usually not without its criticism but that comes with the territory. The fact is, all of you who make up this community are what matters and it is your opinions I care most about.

You know that old notion that you get negative news far more frequently than any positive news? It’s been true. Many of the emails and other comments I get are negative or critical and that’s fine, I take them in the spirit they are intended but this recent spate of overwhelming positivity has swept the negatives out to sea. It has been astounding! Just when you think no one is listening and few actually like what you do, you get a phalanx of support from a community, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t completely aware of, that exists. Messages from all over the world. From the farthest reaches.

Again, thank you and please have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Join our re-brand

We are mulling over every detail and to all of your, I have an email where you can be part of this new re-branded site. I would love to hear your ideas for the site, the logo, the name, the podcast, the vibe, the style, the substance and even the colors. I can’t promise I’ll adopt everything I get but you can help us brainstorm our new website.

You can email me at: NC”at sign”

Let me know what you’re thinking and what ideas you might have. I’d love to hear them.

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Paul KieferJr

“Thunder Road” comes to mind. I know, a bit NASCAR-ish, but it fits if you consider the sound a racing engine should make.

Salvu Borg

NC, Same to you, your family, all those at FIB and all those (on-followers of) FIB.

Salvu Borg

The new re-branded site. My idea, just keep it up to the same standard/level, the name and so on those not matter to me, its the contents, the standard, the level is what matters. The need to change for 2018, forced on you by the new F1 commercial rights holders, I regularly visit at least eight other F1 sites whose site name falls within the same brackets as yours does re the new owners rights, but to this day I haven’t read anything from them as that that was pushed at you. Daily F1. F1technical,net. GPupdate,net. Grandprix weekly.… Read more »

Negative Camber

Not sure either, there are lots of sites with “F1” in them out there but perhaps the new owners aren’t that bothered by them. Not sure why we were targeted, maybe they just haven’t gotten around to contacting the others yet? Not sure. Anyway, Perhaps having an American website change its name is not quite as sticky as a British website with “F1” in its name as it is, after all, the spiritual home of F1 so why beat the hornets nest? I do know from my letter back in 2014 that they own “F1” and “Formula 1” and “Grand… Read more »


Merry Christmas Todd and thank you for continuing to provide a platform for us all to share our diverse opinions. There would be little discussion if we all agreed about every topic, but at least here we can share our opinions politely.

Enjoy your one day’s holiday per year, you have certainly earned it.

Salvu Borg

DAVE, Cheers, “there would be little discussion if we all agree about every topic” So true.


Merry Christmas N.C, ‘its a wonderful life’ is on TV here at the moment, so I can understand those references now. If you’re feeling like Jimmy Stewart because of the response of the FBC community, that’s a ‘wonderful thing’ ;-) Its also a reflection of your own strength of character. As regards the new website, maybe you can surf this wave of positivity, and have the community say what they enjoy about motor sport, F1 in particular. What are the things that keep them, watching, reading and listening? Understanding the breadth of areas of interest, and the areas of common… Read more »