Silverstone Makes Money

Silverstone, apart from taking a lot of hist From Mr. Ecclestone over the past few years, has shown a profit. A 13.5 million pounds profit that is.

No question that Lewis Hamilton has had something to do with the positive fortunes of Silverstone but is this enough? Many tracks, according to a PF-1 story, pay £20m to hole an F1 race while silverstone only pays £8m. Silverstone has agreed to make dramatice improvements to the circuit to accommodate the race and appease Mr. Ecclestone’s desire for a state-of-the-art track but with this increase in revenue, capitalizing on Lewismania, will more than likely prompt a steeper sanctioning fee from Mr. Ecclestone. Everyone, including MR. E, will want part of the Lewisnation’s hard earned pound.

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