Silverstone Trouble? Again?


The fine folks at have an interesting story about the latest Silverstone negotiation.

It seems, if’s sources are correct, that an offer has been made from FOM to the BRDC which may just find the Grand Prix in trouble or alternating with the French Grand Prix.

While FOM’s current goal is to deal directly with governments in subsidizing the Grands Prix in their nations, Silverstone is not in a position to seek government funding for a race. Just as the USA is not. After perusing the article at, I am wondering if the very system the FOM seeks in negotiating with governments is the very thing that is the deal breaker for countries like Australia, USA and Great Britain.

The revenue generated by these races are not shared directly with the government and while the FOM would certainly recommend the government being the main profiteer of such races, I can’t imagine the revenue generated by a Silverstone race is enough to sate the FOM, BRDC and the government of Great Britain. That being said, perhaps the BRDC can re-arrange the assets of the circuit to leverage its potential but that would have a negative impact over time on the balance sheet.  Perhaps that is not an issue as I am bereft of the details but in the end game, it seems that have some interesting takes on how this may very well play out with all the new tracks and nations vying for a spot on an ever increasing F1 schedule.

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