Stepney Called Before FIA

Nigel Stepney is set to meet with the FIA regarding his role in last years Spygate scandal.

Autsport says they believe Mike Coughlan, Nigel’s accomplice at McLaren, has already been sanctioned or punished by the FIA but Max Mosely has said that each man needs to given the opportunity to defend themselves from what otherwise appears to be serious wrong-doing.

The article also mentions an F1 Personnel license that all F1 people would apply for. If there were similar incidents, this license could be revoked thus disallowing them access to the series in any capacity.

? I guess the tattooed UPC code on the forehead wouldn’t work as well? Or maybe the number of the beast placed on them so they can get food? I sense a multi million dollar licensing program and application process that will add additional dollars to the FIA’s real work which is…uh…safety or nice streets or something like that.

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