The Driver’s Seat~ Rating F1’s drivers: Toro Rosso

Driver's SeatThe enigma that is STR. What is it doing here? Without the open sharing of technology, that has now been banned, my only hope is that Grey Squirrel meets with Red Wolf occasionally to hand over more than new decals. As mentioned in the podcast, there are a lot cheaper ways to develop drivers, and what the hell is that anyway, what is Formula ford, Formula Renault 1.6, 1.8 2.5 3.0, 3.5 & GP2 for? The ladder system should take you to F1, not tuck you in with your big blanky once your there. As it looks now, a boy called Daniel Ricciardo looks to leapfrog both these guys to the big team on 2012. So maybe this team has lost it’s relevancy now the championship is won. I’d hate to see the genius of Minardi go by the wayside but until it can make a clean break from RBR, I don’t see it going much better.

Jaime Alguersauri

I think he has potential, not stunning potential, but he has progressed since arriving on the scene halfway through last year. I’m giving him the nod over Buemi as he ran stronger at the end of the year and he seemed to be able to withstand pressure from behind, and could be quite the little fighter sometimes. We don’t, of course see much of him during the races, but what I have seen he seems to deserve to be there, but I think a team change would be necessary to really evaluate.

Speed-6, Racecraft-7

Sebastian Buemi

I can’t imagine Buemi being here next year, but then again I said that last year. Nothing great, nothing bad, even in a car as mediocre as the Toro Rosso you always look for at least a couple of flashes but I can’t remember any. Not sure where he can go from here. Most F1 drivers, even if they don’t make it in F1, are pretty good. I don’t think he is, as we say in the trade OSB (other sports beckoning), but I do think he may have to learn a new discipline.

Speed-5, Racecraft-5

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