The History of the Pit Stop

You may be old school in your view to Formula 1 pit stops. Maybe you preferred the refueling or the spinner wheel nuts or maybe you are a fan of the current sub-two second pit stop. Either way, you’ll probably enjoy Red Bull’s new feature on pit stops called gone in two seconds.

You may be aware of the current record held by Williams F1 but what you may not be as familiar with is where the ingenuity for radically changed pit stops actually came from and why. The genius of Gordon Murray who did the calculations and determined fuel weight, tire degradation and center of gravity as the innovation of F1 crossed the point of tactical advantage in the mind of Murray.

What sprung forth was a way to shave seconds off of a lap through ingenious refueling and tire management. Thus, the pit stop was forever transformed.

Check out the movie at Red Bull’s website right here:

Gone in Two Seconds

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charlie white

This was so nicely done, well-shot and edited. Why don’t other teams or FOM do these type of video features for the public? RedBull may be behind in Constructor points but they are far ahead of the grid on public relations/marketing.