The Parc Fermé Skid Marks- Is Haas F1 sold or for sale?

The Parc Fermé Skid Marks- Is Haas F1 sold or for sale?

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A lot of sports have eager buyers out there right now looking for bargains. Why not make a low ball offer and see who bites.

Paul Kiefer

On the flip side of the argument, Gene Haas might be seen as a “sellout” (no pun intended). It may be seen as another guy trying to just make money and not caring about racing, even if he still has Stewart-Haas racing.

Williams: Perhaps less so.

McLaren: That would make no sense at all. McLaren’s position on the grid has greatly improved. The budget cap would give them an even greater opportunity to improve. At this point, I’d see this as a bigger incentive to stay in the game.

Tom Firth

Wouldn’t be surprised if Haas does pull out. Feel they’ve sort of fallen into the trap of repeating the same thing and expecting different outcomes, alongside not having the payment structure from legacy teams. If Gene did sell up, the legacy from this team would be that it began the push back to customer chassis and that I suppose isn’t a bad one. On McLaren, I don’t get the idea are selling an IndyCar team they don’t own. I think if anything are selling the assets from the 2019 attempt at Indy which they will own. Those will be part… Read more »

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