The Parc Fermé Skidmarks- Can Europe save F1?

The Parc Fermé Skidmarks- Can Europe save F1? Ok, maybe the term “save” is a bit heavy handed but without the 15-race schedule, F1 stands to lose quite a bit of cash which goes into the prize money fund that the teams rely on.

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Tom Firth

FCO says Japanese borders are closed to most of the world right now, so I’d imagine that is why the Grand Prix had to sadly be cancelled, MotoGP cancelled their round last week and we’ve seen the Olympics do the same so it does seem that international sport in Japan may be off for some time. As for Singapore and Baku, I think it came down to construction complications in these times and basically just risk vs reward of running a street circuit.   I hope F1 remembers Europe was there for it when we get through this, I imagine… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Tom Firth