Todt: McLaren Have Advantage With New ECU


In a statement today, Jean Todt has suggested that McLaren, the maker of the standard ECU for all F1 cars, will have the advantage. Many of us wondered just how this would work. I must admit that a year ago I thought McLaren would be a good company to work with Microsoft in making a standard ECU for all cars because of their commitment to integrity and dedication to fairness in the sport. A year later, I am not so sure. I think a better scenario would have been for Max to keep the ECU as a third party product so no one can make statements such as Todt’s today.

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A year ago or whenever. A conflict of interests is not negated by moral reputation.

That reputation just jumps up and down in font of you to distract from the issue. because whether they take advantage or not it creates an ambiguity around the issue and room for complaint or worse.

Anyway I’ve stated the obvious. Go me!

Negative Camber

LOL. I agree. I felt it was an odd move a year ago because even allowing the possibility of a conflict of interest is not in the best interest of the FIA.


Yeah NC, but that was a year ago…


Face it, Jean’s just jealous that Ron is a better dresser than he is…


I’m not gonna argue with you there.