Top Gear, Button and Amazon

While Jenson Button only registers on Grace’s potential pool boy list, I have a lot of time for the English champion. I like JB a lot and think he is a very smart, talented driver with real race vision and race craft.

While watching Ted’s notebook over at Sky Sport F1, I was stumped was stumped as to why there was no news about Button’s future as the very talented F1 journo said he had it on good authority that the 2009 champ and current McLaren driver would have his contract extended for 2016. That seems like big news that even Sky Sports F1 isn’t running.

Well, maybe today’s new at the Telegraph is part of the reason. The article suggests that Jenson Button is a name being discussed as a possible Top Gear host to join DJ Chris Evans for the 2016 season. I’ll be honest, as a Yankee, I’m not that familiar with Chris’s work but I do know JB and to be honest, I think he would be terrific on the show.

I’m biased but how cool would it be to have an actual F1 driver on the show as a host. The US tried the Top Gear thing over here and Tanner Foust was a host. He was the real thing and most viewers suggested that they liked him best. Regardless, JB on Top Gear would go a long way toward keeping the BBC’s most successful show still successful.

Clarkson, May and Hammond

As for those other guys? It was announced today that Jezza, Captain Slow and the Hamster will be doing an all-new car show for Amazon to be offered on their Prime streaming video service. Production will start shortly for a 2016 release. It is a three-year deal.

Hat Tip: The Telegraph


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I’m still hopeful that when Jenson decides to retire that NBCSN will hire him to replace David Hobbs…


Hobbs is awesome, he just gets neutered by NBC and Leigh. Unfiltered Hobbs would be hilarious and unabashedly honest.


I disagree. I find that Hobbs lack of recent experience in F1 makes him almost as irrelevant to NBCSN’s coverage as Leigh. Hobbs is no Matchett, he doesn’t have the connections to any of the staff on today’s teams like Matchett does. There are no insiders feeding Hobbs information – Matchett still has contacts inside the teams…

Given that NBC sends so few folks trackside, and has so little interaction with the teams pre and post race, folks like Hobbs whose team connections have all retired don’t bring much value to their coverage.

Negative Camber

Well, I’ve offered to help out with the show. :) Actually, I love Steve, he’s a dear friend and I keep saying that Steve and I should do a radio show together and really dig in to this sport. I think we’d make a decent team. He would be the eye candy of course. :) I’ve met Hobbs and he’s a delightful guy, very astute and very knowledgable. hilariously funny too.


I hear David Hobbs is a terrific speaker… But when it comes to relevant race experience – he has none. Hobbs hasn’t been in F1 since ’74 and LeMans since ’89, and with NBC not sending their commentators to most races, I can’t see Hobbs having any substantial contact with an active race team in either series. By his comments alone, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak to anybody involved with the teams with any regularity. On the other hand I think pairing Steve with somebody who has driven in F1 recently would be a fantastic commentary combination… There’s a… Read more »


Hobbs brings a lightheartedness in his commentary, which many fans like myself totally enjoy. Matchett has more of a technical and mechanical expertise than David that he offers to the viewers, which is much appreciated. As a Hamilton fan I feel that Matchett has a dislike of Lewis, which is…ok…, and he’s entitled to have….But I’ll never forget his comments regarding Lewis, during the 2011 Korean GP which was way beyond the pale.


Lets put it in F1 terms.

Old Top Gear are like V10’s
New Top Gear will be like V6’s


By Old Top Gear, do you mean William Woollard, Chris Goffey and Tony Mason (with occasional appearances by a you Jeremey Clarkson and Tiffany Dell)?
Much like F1, the programme has been around for a long time, and seen several changes, once it was even about cars…

Tom Firth

William Wolllard and Top Gear Rally Report!!

Tom Firth

Not sure I could cope with Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds doing Top Gear today though ;-)


I enjoy Hobbo and Steve, but I really miss Bob Varsha. It would be good to have someone more current on the team, though.


The only way I would watch “Top Gear” is if JB was on it, not holding my breath though. From all the comments on American commentators I’m glad I stream it on Sky Sports, love their crew.