TPF Indi Episode 46 — It Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Wow! St. Pete is behind us and we’re still going on about who hit who.  What’s done is done, and there’s nothing left but to pontificate wildly about what is, what was, and what could have been as we try to unpack all the action from Streets of St. Petersburg. …wrecking balls and all.

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Show Notes and Links

  • St. Petersburg review
    • Review qualifying – Results
    • How did the new Aero Package fare in the race ?
      • Does reducing downforce work?
      • Has returning to a unified aero package given Honda the advantage?
      • When will we see the strength of the larger teams coming back to the fore?
      • Is tyre use likely to be a key factor in the championship this year or will teams get used to it soon.
    • ABC Coverage discussion. (Hint: It’s shite)
      • How does this fare for US Formula 1 on ESPN
    • Race Action
      • Number of cautions
      • Dixon and Sato incident
      • Wickens and Rossi incident
      • Results
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I’m inclined to agree with Doug this time. It doesn’t matter how much the driver screws up if you’re also screwing up. That’s on you. Regardless of whether or not Wickens did anything wrong, Rossi also screwed up by coming in too hot and not taking the slickness of the airport paint and the lower downforce of the car into account. That’s on him, and two wrongs do not make a right. There probably should have been a penalty, though it was clear that Rossi didn’t gain any advantage (and, in fact, lost two spots because of that screw-up).


First, I still believe the Rossi/Wickens incident was a racing incident. 2 laps left and Rossi went for it. If the race stewards had penalized him for that attempt, it would send a chilling message to other drivers, especially rookies, about on-track moves for the remainder of the season and maybe there’s a bit of forgiveness for the action because no one knew exactly how these aero-revised cars would behave in close quarters. As for the complaints about the ABC typically-low quality broadcasts, this one was a new low for them. In my case, the local ABC station joined the… Read more »


Is that why ABC will stop airing IndyCar? Because they don’t care anymore?

The Weight Transfer

ESPN hasn’t cared for 10 years, the broadcast has never been good. ESPN doesn’t put effort into things that don’t make them money and Indycar doesn’t.
I’m suprised they hired the entire broadcast team back for these 5 races, granted they’re probably being paid in free entry passes to Disney World.