TPF Podcast #567- The Great Southern Land

It’s that time of year! The Formula 1 season starts this week in Melbourne Australia and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. In this podcast, We talk about Lewis’s contract, Nico’s microphone, HALO heretics, and we cover a lot of TPF Mailbag just for you, the listeners. Yes, it’s a long podcast but you’re worth it, dang it, and we aim to please because without your support, we wouldn’t be here making long-form podcasts for you (which happens to be what most of you continually ask for…long podcasts).

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Who’s the man next to alonso with the Halo Shoes?
That alone is be enough reason to start listening to the podcast when I’m going home :-)

sunny stivala

Stoffel Vandoorne in white flipflops.

Qarbon Qampus

Socks in Flops ….nice

sunny stivala

“flipflops” are not meant to be used with socks, I don’t know how he managed to walk in them wearing socks as the “pillar” have to go between fingers.


I’m in the sock’s with flops camp…. much more comfortable, unless you are actually in sand.


I feel I patented the “flops + socks” some years ago. Although as I had green socks and yellow flipies my mate christened it “turtling it” for obvious similarities to everyones favourite half-shelled creature!

copyshop attendant

Btw your intro theme? 1000 times better than formula 1 ‘s official theme released today….


Bring back Jonathan Legard. Insert “Driver X has a problem” commentary here.


“What the Market Is Willing to Pay” has no morals. :P
comment image%3fadmin&exph=281&expw=496&q=meme+take+my+money&simid=608029094810224653&selectedIndex=6

  1. ESPN has this app called “Watch ESPN”. it could help.
sunny stivala

“what the market is willing to pay” that is the way it should be. nothing to do with what the market is willing to pay drivers, but this last week I was reading that LM shares are down to their lowest. LM has taken it (F1) over twenty nine . seventy five per share from a buying price of thirty one . fifty four a share. since LM bought it its value (F1) has dropped by around half a billion Dollars.
I am no expert or up-to-date with shares, but this was what I read.


FWONK stock price had a closing stock price of of @27.15 on 16 Sep 2016, the day before Liberty Media took an uncontrolling 18.7% share of Delta Topco on 17 Sept 2016. Since this was Saturday, the previous close was the 16th.

Liberty share price (FWONK) had an interday high of $29.05 on January 23, 2017 – The day of closing for the purchase of F1.

Today the opening share price is $30.69.


I think an engine mfg championship would just dis-incentivize manufacturers from supplying back markers, Sauber would never get an engine. It would lead to competing interests from the manufacturers, having a Jr team as a feeder series vs strategically supplying engines to win the engine mfg championship. It might help Red Bull but that’s about it.


As The Camber has pointed out, the halo makes it hard to see the driver’s helmet. Verstappen (I think) has groused that he might as well wear a white helmet, and he’s got a point. Simple solution: Let the drivers customize their halo the same way they do their helmets. Why not?

Another AWESOME idea…. Helmet mohawks. Yeah. That’s a thing. Google it…


When I heard about the pineapple glasses I was hoping to see Fernando in full-on Brazil-basking-in-the-sun party mode. This looks more like a hostage proof-of-life shot.

The Weight Transfer

Finally got around to listening to this episode, scored my first post of the week.
And to clarify the male or female question……..male.