TPF Podcast #570- Bahrain GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and even consider the Verstappen/Hamilton clash, Pierre Gasly’s brilliant drive, Marcus Ericsson’s terrific drive and much more. We even hand out our awards.

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Jason Blair

In regards to the super tight midfield…

This is why we don’t need massive, up-heaving regulation changes every couple years. First and second were within a second of each other, pretty much the entire mid field was nose to tail, red bull would hopefully be close up to the front too if they could finish. Sometimes the evolutions make for much more exciting racing than the revolutions.


Totally agree, not saying we should stick with the regs forever, but this massive and rapid regulation change model that we have is crazy. The example I use for the auto industry works here as well. The Porsche 911 wasn’t exactly an insane sports car when it first came out (it’s a shitbox!). Their formula stayed roughly the same for many iterations, changing a little more here and there, and now it’s regarded as one of the best cars in the world – and almost as fast as a Corvette! (I work for General Motors, so I just HAD to… Read more »


Perhaps what we need are more tracks with decent straights, hard braking zones and plenty of width to allow different racing lines – and far less tight 90 degree bends where cars can’t follow closely. Bahrain often provides this, so does Shanghai coming up next and we can hope for more chaos at Baku … but half the tracks seem poorly designed for what F1 has become. Melbourne, Singapore, Austria, Hungary, Hockenheim, Suzuka, Barcelona, Mexico, Brazil (unless it rains), Abu Dhabi and of course Monaco & Sochi, none of them will produce interesting racing in their current configurations. Maybe that’s… Read more »


For some of them I agree, there’s nothing to be done. I look at Sochi though and see sweeping curves upon which a series of 90 degree turns was forced when there was no need for it – they have space to design something much better. There’s room at Albert Park for a longer straight into T13 with a sharper bend at the end of it, enough for DRS to get cars alongside. Spielberg could be much better if only they could get cracking on the planned extensions. Fuji strikes me as a better track for F1 these days than… Read more »


A manual button on the guns to confirm the tire installation is a poor solution. Hitting the button will become automatic and it’d be hit even if the tire wasn’t on correctly, simply by habit. Instead they should have a cancellation button that any mechanic can hit if they spot something unsafe, that would keep the car in neutral until the issue is resolved.

sunny stivala

“A manual button on the guns to confirm the tyre installation”. Yes, it is a switch which when pressed (the normal fastest practice is to hit the back of the gun where the switch is located to the chest), will when all 4 wheel signals are received automatically triggers the jacks to drop the car. This is contrary to what Mark Hughes of motorsports said wrongly claimed that the jacks are triggered to drop the car by the torque sensor in the gun. The universally used except by McLaren Dino Paoli wheel gun equipped with the latest Rhodri Griffiths Nugun… Read more »


Adele? Lionel Ritchie? Hello, no love for Todd Rundgren’s Hello It’s Me?


Mothers deserves a big thumb-up. The broadcast was a massive improvement. That is up to Mothers.


Thanks Todd and Paul, that was joyful.
A full podcast and all about the racing, the tactics, the racing events, the teams, cars, drivers, and incidents. Nothing about halo’s, hybrids, or the FIA.
Its great to hear you so positive. See thats what you love about F1, and what I love to hear in a TPF podcast.