TPF Podcast RSS Changes

In an effort to keep the podcast going, we have changed our podcast host.

We have used Podbean for a long time but we are moving over to Spreaker. In that process, the new host have done a RSS download of all our shows (more episodes than what Podbean was hosting) and this may have caused your Podbean RSS feed app to alert you to a whole bunch of new episodes.

The reason is, I wanted to pull all of the episodes we had on Podbean into the Spreaker RSS feed so I opened up the Podbean RSS from 100 episodes to 400+. You may see all of these older episodes in your Podbean RSS feed now.

If you’d like to change your RSS feed to the new Spreaker feed, here it is:

Apologies but that kind of how these things work I guess. You may just need to open your player and clear those episodes out.

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